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General Discussion Holy crap this picture just blew my mind!

The scale of the universe.


Strange Journey.

This reminds me of this video I saw years ago. He talks about the scale between earth and a lot of the stars in the picture you posted Numonic. If that picture blew your mind you should DEFINITELY watch this video…

It’s pretty long (40 min) but its absolutely insane. Louie Giglio makes it very interesting and awh inspiring. When I first watched that video my mind was completely blown. It really put things into perspective that we are very small compared to our surroundings.

The part that relates to what you posted is from 6 min - to about 19min. You should watch all of it though.

The video was okay. I could do without the “God will help you through obstacles and the attempt to connect God to all of it” talk. But to each his own. I can understand that there are people going through difficult times and this might be a way to help them through it, if even just psychologically but that’s not where I was going when I said the picture blew my mind. I knew earth was small compared to those bodies from after picture 1 but I had no idea it was that much smaller. The picture put it in to perspective for me.

By the way was the Betelgeuse star discovered before the Tim Burton movie? First time I heard of the star but I watched the movie when I was young. It’s crazy how earth is like an atom compared to Betelgeuse.

That picture is scary…

Have you guys been checking out the series Cosmos? It’s on Fox @ 9PM on Sundays (and then I think there are a few stations that replay the episode later in the week). It’s based off the Carl Sagan series, Cosmos, from a few decades ago that you might have seen in science class growing up. It is hosted by Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and produced by Seth McFarlane (yup, the Family Guy creator). It is awe-inspiring and teaches some great stuff. Neil Tyson does a great job of explaining things without coming off snobish. And the eye candy of visuals is great. I’ve been enjoying it immensely .

I’ve been meaning to watch the show Cosmos. I will catch it on demand some time soon. Neil Tyson is awesome. That picture us scary Loewi. The way such great objects are dwarfed from one picture to the next and then keeping the size of earth in mind going from the 1st picture to the 6th is mind blowing. Earth is pretty much non-existant compared to Betelgeuse, not even on an atomically level.

I was referring more to the diagrams and the vivid explanation of the size differential rather then the “how great is our god” theme when I was talking about how good the video was. It’s all just really interesting stuff and he is a very good speaker.

Jinx I gotta check that out. I’ve heard about it and never checked it out. I’m going to DVR it now. I’ve liked a lot if videos and stuff of Neil DeGrasse Tyson so I’m sure I’ll love it. Thanks homie.

Ok 2 by four and JTX you two just took the shrapneled pieces of my brain that was left and blew it to dust.

Not to plug but this makes me appreciate the new @peace album more. Although SJV3 touched on this theme, @peace went more in depth.

there’s a video that starts at the molecular level in the human body and zooms out to the end of the universe and it essentially looks like the initial molecular level of humans, but i cant find it. All in all we aint shit big picture wise.

Well the comforting thing is that we are not alone in that aspect. I think ever single thing in existance is dwarfed by something else.