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PackFM What’s your favorite PackFM video?

So I was on youtube today, and started watching some of Pack’s videos. Which one is your favorite? (If there is a video or a live performance that is your favorite post that up too)

Not an easy pick at all…. but I’d have to go with “Plucking Daisies”. I love the POV perspectives. Having the eye blink occasionally and the video switching from black and white to color at the blink of an eye was neat. Then you enter her brain and see it all from her perspective. Really awesome video IMO.

It’s crazy how many videos the dude made.

The Want What’s Mine video is awesome, that’s definitely one of my favorites. Either that or I Fucking Like Everything. Never ceases to make me laugh

Absolutely Positive is my favorite.

Plucking Daisies for sure.

That video/song has wrapped up my life in high school and early college in a nutshell.

Definitely Plucking daisies.

I F*cking Like Everything, with honorable mentions to Stomp and Plucking Daisies.