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General Discussion Your QN5 stories/experiences

I’m just curious about everyone’s story about how/when they discovered QN5. As well as other things, like what your favorite album is, your favorite megashow/concert moment, your most anticipated album, what was the first qn5 song you heard, etc.

My entry into the QN5 universe was with Dirty Acres around 2008. I was posting on a message board and saw the cover, and something about it made me want to check it out. Valley of death came on and it blew my mind. Over the next several months I listened to the whole CunninLynguists discography and they quickly jumped up to my favorite group ever. Out of the QN5 camp, I was only familiar with CL throughout 2008, it wasn’t until 2009 when I decided to dig a little deeper and find out who the hell this guy was who was rapping on the Gates.

So I searched youtube for “Tonedeff” and porcelain comes up. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD I WAS SPEECHLESS. I started lurking the QN5 forums at this time and clicked on the chico and the man tab. Hold on, so this insane rapper and the best producer I’ve ever heard are making an entire album together, and it’s coming out the same year that I found out about it? Is this real life? My music life was consumed by QN5 at this point, and it still is in 2014. And damn, it was a treat to comb through past QN5 releases. Extended Famm, Archetype, Whutduzfmstand4, Sacrifice, * series, etc, + a plethora of releases that were slated in 2010 like I fucking hate rappers, R&D, death is silent, catm, next CL album. I was, and still am, in musical heaven.

I just want to say thank you to everyone involved with QN5 releases for giving us so much great music throughtout the years, and for helping me expand my mind to other music/genres. My musical tastes have changed tremendously since I started following QN5, and I honestly don’t see myself ever stopping listening to music from this label. I have yet to make it to a concert and it’s killing me, lol, but I will make it happen at some point. It’s just hard for me at this time with 1 year old twins and all.

Favorite album: A piece of strange
Most anticipated announced release: Catm, polymer, extended famm, human highlight reel
Projects I hope to see: Another Kno solo album

Please share your stories, because I would love to hear them.

Oops, I meant to post this under the QN5 discussions tab.

For me it started in 2010 when I stumbled across IFHR on some dutch hiphop site which sounded like nothing I heard before, after looking for some more PackFM I got to E-famm,Tone, Stan and CL and everything just blew me away, the qualtity and detial of the music is simply amazing.
and the megashow was one of the best nights/weekends of my life so now im just waiting for all of you to come here (to Holland)

Favorite album: Home is where the art is
anticipated: Catm, Efamm and spicasso

I’m going to get to my story when I have time but I just wanted to pop in here to say that ughh has restocked with a bunch of QN5 releases, some I believe hard to find, like the Glutton CD and the whutduzfmstand4 album.

I would get that glutton cd but I already ordered the polydisc edition.

For me, I first heard about CunninLynguists back in 2003 on the IGN Hip-hop boards. There was a kid called Epicballa(who also used to post one the old qn5 boards as well) who was recommending them. SouthernUnderground just dropped and he linked to I think Seasons. Back then was my broke college days so I downloaded anything I could find of there’s, which included 616 rewind and my discovery of Tonedeff.

My very first post came from watching ESPN one night. It was the show NBA Tonight in March of 04 or 05. And this came on: I ran and posted about it because I was totally not expecting to hear that watching the show.

I got my first taste of QN5 in 2001, hearing Tonedeff on one of my favorite spanish rapper’s (Mexicano) new album. I believe Tonedeff was on two of the songs on the album. I remember being blown away by his flow. Fast forward to the following year, I finally got high speed internet during my freshman year of college. I began really building my music collection and Tonedeff was the first artist I started downloading on Kazaa. I heard 616 rewind and that opened me up to Cunninlynguists. And the rest as they say is history. Before QN5, I was listening to a lot of “Gangster Rap” (Mobb Deep, Pun, NORE). Although I still do listen those artists QN5 really opened me up to different genres.

Favorite Album: Oneirology
Favorite Moment: 2011/2013 Megashows/Meeting the artists/blue schoolers
Anticipated: Everything

I discovered CunninLynguists in late 2011 through my favorite hip hop review site (shouts to “Jeppe” from the boards for an awesome site). APOS and Oneirology had both received the perfect 6/6 score, so I decided to listen to Oneirology. I was completely blown away by the sound of it - I had never heard hip hop like that, and I immediately felt like that was the exact type of hip hop I had been looking for. What happened next is already described by JTX perfectly…

JTX said:Over the next several months I listened to the whole CunninLynguists discography and they quickly jumped up to my favorite group ever. Out of the QN5 camp, I was only familiar with CL throughout 2008, it wasn’t until 2009 when I decided to dig a little deeper and find out who the hell this guy was who was rapping on the Gates.

So I searched youtube for “Tonedeff” and porcelain comes up. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD I WAS SPEECHLESS.

I became a massive Tonedeff fan and eventually discovered PackFM as well through IFHR and then whutduzFMstand4?.. After this I began to dig deeper and listen to earlier releases - and now QN5 is my absolute favorite label, a solid deliverer of beautiful music.

First QN5 song I heard: Lynguistics (I heard this just before I put on Oneirology for the first time)
Favorite QN5 albums: A Piece Of Strange and Archetype
Most anticipated releases: Hyperrealism, CATM, Polymer and Human Highlight Reel
The 5 QN5 songs that has impacted me the most: Optimist, What’ll You Do, Death Is Silent (the song), Spiral (technically not QN5, but wth), The Distance
Biggest WOW moment: Hearing the bridge from “Optimist” for the first time after having a very hard time in my family. It changed my view on a lot of things.
QN5 album that has grown the most on me: ARCHETYPE. I did not connect with half of it at all at first, but now it is one of my favorites.

1st time I got introduced to Qn5 music was Cunninlynguists Southern Underground. It was round 2002-2003ish and my new neighbor from canada was into downloading lots of indie music etc…he said I got this cunninlynguists SU mix(hosted by dj billybob/kno) he burned it for me and the rest is history.

My favorite moment was when They finally came to my hometown in Ny and man…..Me,Tunji,Natti and Deacon(and a few other fans) had a crazy smoke session in the venue after the show..Musta burned 2-3 blunts etc..Tunji said it was the most smoking they did on tour (for strange journey1) we just chilled and smoked got some pics THAT was the best time of my life . The Mega Show follows close behind just for the fact of meeting a bunch of the core fans.(love u guys ) and being able to see the rest of the roster all in 1 place..

Favorite Album can’t be chosen because it switches with my mood….They all make great music…period!

I can’t remember if it was a music-specific site or just how youtube’s related videos feature USED to work (you’d pick a song and then something somewhat related would automatically play song after song after song…) Anyway I was doing that (2009, 2010 maybe), and a Nujabes track came on the shuffle. Think Different. I just remember how I felt the first time I heard that track, so refreshing, and specifically loved the lyricism and the tone. Only bought from record stores at the time but with no physicals of Nujabes or Substantial there, I made my first ever iTunes purchase which included Sacrifice, and Substantial/Burns. Then some months later, I was getting new music suggestions at the record shop and the dude working handed me an album that had a track with Substantial as a feature—SOLD. CL’s SJV1. Stand-out track for me was “The Distance,” couldn’t get over the smooth and still audible quick flow. So as I found out more about this Tonedeff guy, I ended up at the Qn5 website. When I saw CL and Substantial on the roster (and checked out PackFM and Kokayi and realised what a solid label this is), that definitely sparked me to start paying more attention to record labels ….

Favourite album: agree that it changes with my mood, but (somewhat) briefly: Robots & Dinosaurs—favourite to draw too, gets my creative juices flowing; I F*cking Hate Rappers—my go-to road-trip album, fun and no skips needed; APOS—at least one track from it always ends up on CD mixes I make for friends (yup, still do that); Archetype—great transit album for me, zone in on the words and completely forget that I’m sardined in a subway; Sacrifice—my de-stressing album, totally puts me in the chill zone by the end (sometimes, even by track 3).
Favourite Qn5 moment: finally making it out to a Megashow (2013)! All of it. So much. It was amazing.
Most anticipated album: extended famm.