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General Discussion Best YouTube—>WMV Converter…

Anyone know of any? That don’t require me to download software and shit?

and preferably don’t watermark the video and shit

ClipConverter… got it. Thanks, guys.

Aha, sorry I didn’t see this thread earlier. ClipConverter = godsend, I’ve been using it to download pro Counter-Strike VODs.

Sweet, non-buffering, HD.

Don’t know where to say this but I guess there is a new version of YouTube and it’s not allowing me to play embeded videos nor open the embeded videos up on YouTube so I can play them. So I have to have the YouTube video link if I want to play the video or I have to go to YouTube and type the name of the video.

I think also Amazon is not allowing me to paste in their search box.

This is all with a mobile device. Might not get the same issue on a PC, but I use the mobile device more.

Edit: okay just tried one embeded video and it allowed me to open the video on YouTube but did not allow me to play the embeded video on the website it was embeded in. So the opening of the embeded videos on YouTube is not for all videos but I am not able to play embeded videos. It’s all good as long as I’m allowed to open the video up on YouTube but take that away and I’m forced to have to open up and search the title of the video unless I have a link to the video.

I use ‘Videoder’ on Android and haven’t had any problems with it yet, other than the search functionality which isn’t the best.