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General Discussion Selling my Qn5 collection? Am I a dick?

Hi all, long time Qn5 fan but it’s been years since I’ve been on the forums. I used to be a big cd collector and have a rather large collection that I really don’t listen (I have everything on my computer now). I have a big collection of qn5 cd’s that I’ve decided to put on ebay. The wife and I just bought a new house and figured to sell some stuff that’s taking up space and use the money towards some items for the house (would prefer to sell off some of the items I own in order to put money towards a new 60” LED)

Among the albums I’m selling are A Piece of Strange, Happy F*ck You songs, Asterisk 1-4, Underscore and Archetype….around 20 or so cc’s. I really don’t know the value so I decided to start high and see what happens. I have absolutely no idea what these albums are selling for since they’re so rare to find.

The reason for this post isn’t to advertise my sale (thus no link). I’m really interested in hearing some opinions though. Have a lot of fans sold their old physical discs with the movement towards digital? Am I a dick for selling something that’s taken so much time to collect? I never really felt bad about reselling “mainstream” artists but something a bit different about the QN5 crew and how they connected with their fans that makes this one a little harder of a decision.

Are you a dick for selling CDs you’ve converted to digital to save space and make a few bucks? Probably not.

Are you a dick for making a post on a record labels forum letting them know you’re selling their CDs and asking if you’re a dick? Absolutely.

Just keep supporting the artists by at least purchasing their music digitally and you’re good.

i can tell this is really a moral and ethical dilemma for you.

I don’t know if we can really help with this one… gotta talk with the man upstairs.

Good luck.

Yeah, IMO, you’re probably not a complete dick if this is actually a dilemma for you. What you’re doing may or may not be right depending on what you believe is necessary and fair.

This might be a stupid reason to not sell your CDs but you can’t resell digital music so if you’re looking at it from an investment point if you’re going to continue to buy music which I believe you will, it would be best to buy physical as opposed to digital where you at least have the chance of getting some money back by selling it in the future.

Personally I disagree with you guys ^ - I think it’s fine for you to sell CD’s that are essentially just taking up space and I think it’s interesting to open the conversation here.. although it’s one that’s come up before.

For me, I would never sell my signed copies of certain albums that were signed specifically for me. Granted some of them have my name on, but some of the others were signed by the artists in a manner of respect just for me (ie not part of a pre-order or whatever). I think turning those in on ebay for a big payday would make me a bit of a dick.

However a lot of the other CD’s/Vinyl, even incredibly rare ones, literally are just sitting in a box taking up space. Although I don’t plan to sell them anytime soon, I’m sure there will come a time when I have to trim the collection down a bit. I’ll probably offer them up the community at a decent price.

Is it dickish to try and sell them for loads of money? Well I don’t think entirely so. At the end of the day, you own the CD and if people are willing to pay a lot of money for it then fair enough I guess. It just sucks that some of these sellers are going to make a fuck ton more from that product than the artist ever did. In that case, I wouldn’t bring it to the forums to tell all the artists, no.

As an alternative, I think some people (Houstonz?) have sold CD’s for decent prices and then donated a good chunk of it back to QN5. That’s a fucking fan right there.

Of course, it goes without saying, I will continue to support the artists digitally….I probably should have mentioned that from the get go but glad it was assumed by most.

None of these albums were bought second hand so I know the full proceeds all went to the artists (or however it’s broken out) so I don’t see how they’re losing money in that respect (although the case could be made that they’d lose on the digital purchases but we all know that people willing to pay a premium for cd’s probably have no interest in only owning them digitally)

I appreciate most of you making a discussion about this rather than jumping all over me as I feared may happen.

PS - As I mentioned above, the wife and I are buying a new house. Epic brought up a good point…my cd’s are displayed right now but when we move they’re literally going to get boxed up and put away…

I’ve thought about selling my cds and just going straight digital/vinyl, although there are some instances where you have to order the cd to get the vinyl (polymer). There are a few select artists/groups I’ll always buy cds/deluxe packages from though and I don’t see myself ever selling them.

I’ll take the asterisks