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General Discussion Cosmo - Cosmedics (New Track)

Hey everybody,

Here’s a new track I made that I wanted to share with you all for a number of reasons. It’s kind of nontraditional in the sense that it’s 16 minutes long and is more of an ‘experience’ through sound. It covers a few different genres and flows through this semi-conceptual voyage. It’s part of a series I’m going to be releasing, each journey being its own story. Anyways, I know a few Blue Schoolers on here who had been interested so here it is. Peace, be good.

i really enjoyed that. especially the section between 5 and 6 minutes in. Burial vibes. Really nice work.

Thanks Amp, appreciate the lengthy listen.

That was awesome! Looking forward to more of this. Is there a facebook page I could follow for updates?

^ Thanks sir. Appreciated.

You can stay posted here:

that Peace Gangster Stardust instrumental is nice.

Hey I just realized something, are you the same Cosmo that did the project Pieces, that featured iCON the Mic King?

Edit: Nevermind just found out that you are. I loved that joint you did with iCON, even though it was just a piece of the project and you wanted people to take in the entire project, that track stood out to me. That was back in 2009 I believe, Substantial and Tunji were also featured on it. Wow, you’ve done a lot since then. Good work.

^ Hey, thanks man. Yeah haha it’s been a minute since “Pieces”. Thanks for checking out the recent stuff.

Yeah i spun Pieces alot too back when it dropped. Many jams on there that i love! The Vibe, Generation Lost, Changes, The Heart (iCON never disapoints), Mind Readers, Fight.. The whole EP was just up my alley.
But now i have one question to ask you, sir - why are none of your more recent tracks (the ones on you Soundcloud) up for download?

^ Hey bruh! Thanks for the love. Gonna make all those tracks available for download right now!

PS. Your beats are dope.

Thanks for listening! Either people hate my shit or digg it.. but shit, i just do it for the fun (and therapy) of it, so its all good.
And SWEET, thank you.. will download ASAP!

Awesome, loving your new stuff Kags!

I lived on Pieces when it dropped back then, unfortunately due to wiping my hard drive etc I no longer have it Sad Is there anywhere I can grab it again? I miss it.

Keep up the fantastic work man

^ Thanks homie! Haha, I’m almost embarrassed to share that project but I can send it to you! If you wanna PM me your e-mail, I’ll send it over. Do you have a dropbox? Let me know what method works best for ya.

@Kags, seriously? Why almost embarrassed? You got plenty hems on that one. I know your flow doesn’t sound as evolved as you might want it to be, but wasn’t it some of you first real tracks? I don’t know if you’ve made a lot of tracks before that, but we are deffinitely a bunch of people who enjoyed it and still does.
Fortunately for me, i still got it on my computer!

Yeah it was my first project. I guess it’s a common symptom for artists ; through growth you tend to look back at your old creations and cringe a bit at your execution and ability. Also, I just don’t think I did as good as I could have as an emcee haha. Ideas were there, just not executed well from a technical emcee standpoint as I would have liked but that could happen when it’s your first songs you’re recording in your life.

That being said, it’s healthy to get out of my own head and hear feedback from others. Know for a fact that I appreciate the daps for that project. Even back then when it came out no matter who showed appreciation, in my head I felt like maybe people were just being nice to me. Regardless of how I feel about it today, a lot of time and energy was put in and if people still dig it four years later and it can mean something to them - that’s more important than my ego’s self-criticism. Thanks again. It’s kind of you to share those words.

No, thank you, sir. Its nice to read such a personal post from the artists you listen to. You know, ‘get ffamiliar’. Just keep making that music i can be inspired by and listen to on early mornings on the my way to work.

Embarrassed? No way! Whilst I totally agree that you’ve come on a lot since then, Pieces is awesome. Just sent you my email address, appreciate you sending me a copy man.

Hey AL, I’m not sure how to check private messages here on the forum lol. Send me your e-mail at and I’ll send you the album.

Haha realised I had no idea too so i PM’d your facebook account. Anyway i’ve now emailed you. Thanks again man Very Happy Travelling around the world at the moment so I cant wait to add this classic to my playlist!

Here’s another new one. Some dark emo electronic vibe.