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General Discussion Total Slaughter


One of the worst battle rap events I’ve ever seen. I pity the fool who paid for that. Wrought with technical difficulties, delays, and whack raps.

Tonedeff’s Twitter Thoughts:

I think Total Slaughter was a necessary highlight of EVERYTHING that needs to be fixed if this artform is going to progress past this point.

Rules are rules. If there’s a clock and it runs out - that’s your ass. We learned to deal with it in the traditional battle format.

Two MCs. Two Mics. This is supposed to be hip hop, right? Lavaliers are for news anchors.

Get people the FUCK off the stage. If you can’t own the space and the crowd with your own presence, take the L. Hypemen are for shows.

Dudes have gotten way too comfy taking their sweet ass time. That doesn’t work when you’re on a production schedule on a PPV slot.

I have a deep seeded respect for battle rap culture, (remember ? That was QN5), so this is constructive talk.

Because of the production issues, unprofessionalism & streaming issues, I think folks’ll be wary of spending $ on future events. Missed op.

I was at the 1st Blaze Battle HBO shot. There were 3 HUGE crowd fights. KRS pleaded “the world is watching us!” His point still applies.