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Substantial New Substantial EPs/LP In Progress

Stan posted that besides some new Bop Alloy and Extended Famm stuff, he’s started working on a new solo effort. Looks like it’ll be KickStarter funded and we’ll be getting more info on it over the next few months.

What kinda stuff would entice y’all to support a new Kickstarter? (vinyl, tees, unique art, etc?)

I’d personally like a vinyl copy and maybe something like a polo with a small BA logo (like on the varsity hoodies) stitched on the front. That’d be fly.

I’m going to grab a varsity jacket. Need a new fall coat, so what better way than to grab that AND help out one of my favourite artists.

The upcoming project with The Other Guys is something I’m REALLY looking forward too. Their latest album is pretty great.

To this day, Sacrifice stands tall as having one of the coolest minimal album covers I’ve seen in all of music. I also loved how the inlay artwork would unfold into a poster and you could put your name in it to personalize the experience. It would be neat to see something like that implemented again.

Big announcement and new song tomorrow!

Damn, a Stan and Pack announcement in the same week? Plus Hunter drops in a few weeks. Exciting times for QN5.

New Substantial woo woo!

NEW MUSIC: Substantial - Splendor [prod. by Satellite 12 for Red Army Music]

Listen. Enjoy. Share.

niiiiiiiiice… looking forward to all those releases to come in 2015!!

song is dope!!

three EPs and a full length album in 2015????


I’m Definitely looking forward to the next Substantial project. I must say I hope he gets some production from Burns for this project. Burns and Marcus D are probably my two favorite producers that Stan has worked with since Nujabes.

If more live instrumentation ala “My Favorite Things” is involved.. I’m all for it.

Yeah that would also be nice as well. Substantial is a genius so no matter what he does Im sure the final product will be awesome as always.

Holy crap.

HiPNOTT Records just sent out their 2015 Release Schedule. It includes, but is far from limited to:

Q1 2015
Substantial - DEMO: Pre-Hyde Out (Circa 1999)
Substantial & The Other Guys - The Past… EP

Q2 2015
Substantial & The Stuyvesants - ...Is Always… EP

Q3 2015
Substantial & Marcus D - ...Present In… EP

Q4 2015
Substantial - The Past Is Always Present In Our Future LP

DAMN! Reeeeally looking forward to all this newness from Stan and co. There’s also releases from Tanya Morgan, MarQ Spekt, Gods’Illa, Akrobatik, etc…

HiPNOTT has definitely got an interesting year ahead.

Substantial has really been putting in a lot of work as of late. I love getting all of this material from him. It’s almost like a treat to get this many dope projects from someone who is such a fantastic artist. I’m really looking forward to hearing what he will do with his next solo LP.

Well the naming convention of the EPs are polymer-esque. Lol. Can’t wait, always look forward to new Stan music.

jinx8402 said:Well the naming convention of the EPs are polymer-esque.

I thought exactly the same. The titles definitely suggest that the EP’s and the album are somehow interrelated. It’ll be interesting to see how it’s going to work.

yeap, Von Pea’s recent solo work has been on there. the label was founded (and presumably is run?) by Kevin Nottingham. huh.

So, I finally found time to check out Stan’s interview with Access and it was well worth it; he actually breaks down how the releases are going to work.

As suggested, The Past is Always Present in our Future is similar to Polymer in the sense that the three EPs consist of tracks from the album + songs which are only to be found on the EPs.

You can hear him talk about the project from around the 1:44:00 here:
He also previews a new song from the first EP, “The Past”.

Check the first single out when you have a moment.

Substantial - MLK (Dream Big) ft. See King - Produced by The Other Guys

Pre-order the 1st EP now ‘The Past…’ now on Bandcamp & iTunes

Yeah, that’s a good song.

The Past…. is a really cool album. I laughed when I heard (on Late Pass-great track): “Apparently, people thought it was three of me, one from Tokyo, Brooklyn, and the DMV.” I have to admit that there was a year there where I thought there was a Japan Substantial and a U.S. Substantial. I’m still not sure I’m convinced with all the music that’s been coming out…but I’ll take your word for it.
EDIT: I also won’t ruin the last track (“Before Sunrise”) for any of you that haven’t gotten this yet. But…WOW!

What did you guys think of the Demo? I thought it was awesome to hear that style from Stan again because we haven’t heard him do that in a long time. I think Hip Hop Heaven was amazing. Its no wonder this is what got Nujabes interested in working with him. You can hear so much potential and talent in what he was doing at the time.

I really dig the demo. It is cool to have old stuff like this released for the exact same reason you mentioned, it is a style that hasn’t necessarily been absent but has evolved into something else. It was also cool to get that with the album and its theme (I didn’t read the Bandcamp page closely and so had no idea it was on there until I was listening and it suddenly came on and I did a double-take). A very cool gesture.

Really listening to Stan’s verse about Nujabes on No Turning Back….damn.

I’m really surprised that not a lot of people are talking about the Always EP. That includes blueschoolers. Everything about the new EP to me is perfect.. I feel like the new album will end up being his best solo work since Sacrifice.

A lot of people are talking about Tony Stanza as they should, but that’s really all anyone seems to be talking about.

The production on the EP from Algorythm is stellar. The Fjer feature to me was phenomenal and quite a surprise. Me being a fan of her I knew she was capable of bringing something different to the track but she sounded really soulful. Like the way she was able to kind of change up her style a bit for the track Always really just blew me away.

mattthegod said:The Fjer feature to me was phenomenal and quite a surprise.

Exclamation point! I’m lost in Always. I’m sure I’ll get around to Tony Stanza and Cool Morning sounded amazing on first listen. But ‘Always’ is just an amazing track and I’m stuck on that for now.

My favorite songs are definitely Tony Stanza, Cool Morning, and Always. Shit is hot!!!

such dopeness. Something to be said about the fact that qn5 continues to release banger EPs and dont the normal schlock the industry is filled with.

Agreed with everything mentioned above. I’m really loving how Stan and Tone are putting together their albums with the 3-4 EPs and then the full album route. It’s even more awesome to me that some songs will be EP exclusives and some songs will be on the full album. It gives us time to hear new music in a faster time frame. Plus it also gives us more music than what we would get if Stan decided to just put out 3 singles and then the album.