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Substantial New Substantial EPs/LP In Progress

Revision said:

mattthegod said:Can’t wait to see what happens with the next EP with Marcus D. These two are one of my favorite MC/Producer combos in hip hop.

Yeah according to Substantial’s Facebook post: “it’s a slight departure from our traditional Bop Alloy work but there are still hints of Jazz.” I’m intrigued. Marcus D’s work on that La ‘Golden Gun EP’ that came out a month ago was cool…still had his fingerprints on it but a change of pace for sure. I’m down with these two making a non-Bop Alloy thing. Should be cool.

Yeah it seems like it will be more of a Substantial & Marcus D EP rather than a Bop Alloy EP if that makes sense.

So I can’t be the only one whose still really excited to hear the new Substantial album right? The EPs we’ve heard so far are some his best work solo wise since Sacrifice.

Totally excited to hear the final installments. It also makes perfect sense that the ‘Future’ tracks are taking a little longer than the ‘Past’ and ‘Always.’ Right? Should be some really cool stuff and I think the full project is going to be great. I really want to hear what Marcus D does on the tracks—and I’m thinking there will be some cool features.

Marcus has been posting snippets of some really cool stuff on Snapchat lately. No idea if any of it is for Stan.

Really digging the production on ‘Party with a Purpose’, Marcus D really nailed that track. Interesting thing I just noticed: all the features on this album are women. That’s cool.

Revision said:Really digging the production on ‘Party with a Purpose’, Marcus D really nailed that track. Interesting thing I just noticed: all the features on this album are women. That’s cool.

Yeah man I agree. The single is fire.

I remember Marcus D saying something along the lines of this being more of a Substantial & Marcus D EP rather than a Bop Alloy EP (could’ve been Stan who said this I can’t remember). That should make this EP very interesting and different.

Yeah, I think one if them also said on Facebook that the rest of the songs are more solemn than their usual collaborations. I can’t wait to see what they’ve put together.

Present is quality. That isn’t just because of the shout out to my old metro line in D.C. in the first line (although I was a station in from Cheverly).

What is standing out for me from this EP project has really been the next level shit of meshing Stan’s stuff with female vocalists. He’s always had a focus on this for sure, but his lyrics always somewhat overshadowed the other stuff. But starting with the features on Always and now this EP, it is really amazing to see the craft of throwing these different parts together to make pure celestial-ness. But from the female vocal samples on The Past, to the Fjer/Deborah Bond/Wayna stuff on Always, and now this stuff, it is really getting awesome.

‘Better to Give’ is a clean takedown by everyone involved.

This new EP is fantastic. In my opinion Substantial & Marcus D are one of the best MC/Producer combos that hip hop has to offer. They just seem to get better and better with each project.

I agree, Present is really great!

A week on and still floored by every part of ‘Better to Give.’

Anybody else still enjoying the fuck out of Present? I’m still really loving this thing.

Brilliant production from Marcus D as always and Stan seems to keep on getting better and better with every project.

Anybody going to the show in Baltimore tonight?

Tracklist up on ITunes:
1. Exposition
2. Made in Maryland
3. No Turning Back 2.0
4. MLK (Dream Big) 2.0
5. Follow the Master
6. The Sub Way
7. Party with Purpose
8. Black of All Trades (V2)
9. No Better Time
10. Ptxd
11. In My Daughter’s Eyes
12. It Could Happen
13. The 4our Fors
14. Tony Stanza
15 Lasting Impression
16. Wish U Were Here
17. Always

Looks like a great structure with some exciting V2s on the track. Some of the earlier tracks that I dig didn’t weave right, but that’s all good. Looks like a solid album, as if there was ever any doubt.

Not surprising, I think this album is great. Arranged perfectly. The new tracks though are really great. First listen, I thought ‘in my daughter’s eyes’ was too cluttered production wise, but that was just my crappy laptop speakers. It is very complex, but nice. ‘The 4our Fors’ track is a cool Oddisee beat with great lyrics. ‘Always’ is my favorite track on the album through a couple of listens, but there’s a lot of dopeness.

Mostly though, the album brought a lot of fond memories to the brief time I lived in D.C. There is a lot of love for the area on the album and that gives it a very cool spirit. Gonna make for some good listening on this cold weekend.

(Side note: I dig the entire QN5 fam catalogue. But damn, if the 2 years since the Winterfire EP haven’t been absolutely amazing musically.)

I LOVE this album. With everything going on right now I think it’s good to get an album with such positive vibes.

Album is on repeat. Great music.

I keep forgetting to post about this record here. I’ve probably said more about it on Facebook. lol

Anyway, this is my favorite solo LP from Substantial. It’s a GREAT album and probably his most cohesive solo project too.

My favorite tracks: Exposition, No Turning Back 2.0, PTXD, It Could Happen, Tony Stanza, Lasting Impression, Always

This is definitely my favorite solo LP from Substantial since Sacrifice. While I thought HIWTAI was a great project from front to back, I wasn’t going back to it like I am with this one or Sacrifice. It didn’t wow me like this album did. I think as a body of work this is Substantials most cohesive project. I think the EP idea leading up to the album led to a more interesting piece of work and he truly went all out with this one.

If I HAD to pick favorites right now they would be No Better Time and Tony Stanza. That’s tough though because there isn’t a single song I didn’t love.

If any of you guys have the honor of seeing him live sometime soon than I would encourage you to do so. I got to see him in Baltimore (only 20 minutes from me) the other night and the new material sounded AMAZING live. It was probably the best performance I’ve seen from him since his set at the 2013 Megashow.

Just saw on the website a European tour is in the works, hoping for a show in the Netherlands.

This album came out in January and it still hasn’t left my top 5 of the year. I’m also at the point now where’d I’d probably say that this is Substantials best album. How he manages to consistently put out material this amazing is beyond me. By far the best rapper to ever come out of Maryland.