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So I’ve been told I need to pack up my life and head east! In two weeks!

Thinkin of hitting Denver and Chicago… I have 7 days to get from San Diego to Newport, RI… anything else I should see/do!?!?

have you ever seen Man Versus Food? This sounds perfect to stop by some of the places he went to. I mean, most of them have giant portions of stuff, but they all seem to be genuinely good greasy spoon type places. Most of them seem cheap/affordable too. I’d love to do that…. foody road trip. i love food….

EDIT: a quick google and I found this:
you gotta eat, right? Wink have fun! i love road trips.

I would plan my trip around places I wanted to eat as well LOL.

trip based around food… Only in America!!!

so i did it in 7 days and it was fuckin fun as hell. solo, too.

recommend it for anyone who can.