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PackFM I came here to find inspiration

PackFM said:Well with the new website I plan on being a lot more active with content and giving folks things to talk about and be active with on social media.
I would like to do a Livestream update on everything in the beginning of september to get everyone up to speed on whats going on. yall down for that?


Can’t wait for that Livestream

New EP title: “I Fuckin Hate Rapping” or at least a song title/concept.

Edit: actually you already did that song: “I can’t win”

I somehow missed this thread… haven’t been checking the boards as much…

Livestream sounds great… I’ll definitely be there.

Waiting for the Livestream announcement!

Pack: You should do a show with the USO.

I’ll be in sunny Bahrain next year and will hook it up. kthxbai

Tonedeff said:Waiting for the Livestream announcement!

I’ts been announced! Smile


The time is a little inconvenient for me, but fuck it, I’ll still check in. Can’t miss out on all the newness!

By the way, I assume that Tone will undertake Pack’s role as the Livestream hype man.

Friis said:By the way, I assume that Tone will undertake Pack’s role as the Livestream hype man.


poop. i always miss these things for one reason or another…. have a work function tonight… maybe i’ll sneak to the bathroom at 8pm and see if i can do this on my phone lol

Sweeeet… I’ll be in there!

These livestreams should be made into podcasts, like “TACM #61.5 PackFM Livestream” or something.