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PackFM Featured Material 15 Year Anniversary Boxset

September 26th!

Amongst all the other great news from the livestream, I’m super exited about this release, i never heard V1 and V2. Plus it’ll be nice to cross them off the list of missing QN5 releases.

Can’t wait to see the new website and get my order on.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how all this looks. I own the physicals of Volumes 2-4 but have never heard or held a copy Volume 1.

Definitely grabbing this! I only own FMV4 so this is a no brainer for me.

YES! I’ve been waiting to get my hands on volumes 1-3 for a while, and now I get to give Pack the money instead of some third party charging an arm and a leg on ebay.

Great fucking news!

BTW, I noticed some people commenting on the livestream that it wasn’t working for them. I had the same issue. How did you folks view it?

This is going to be a nice addition to the QN5 collection.

Hey Pack, I was curious if this has shipped out yet? I just wanna make sure it wasn’t lost in the mail or anything!

Check your email, I sent an update on the shipping. There was ironically a delay in shipping supplies getting shipped to me

Ah ok, missed that. Thanks!

Anybody receive theirs yet?

Just got a shipping confirmation! Yay!

Hey guys
If you ordered FM15 you should be expecting it very soon, and I put a lil something extra in the package to try to make up for the delay,

Love yall

I actually requested to not receive the poster, but hopefully I’ll receive that other extra in my package. Smile

Nice!! I was stoked to get that email. Looking forward to this, especially because I don’t have FM 1-3 in any format at all.

I live in Maryland so I should get mine either today or tomorrow. Definitely looking forward to opening up the package and getting a feel of the entire set.

Has anyone received this yet? I’m still waiting on mine and I was wondering if anyone else has gotten theirs yet.

I got mine and I love it

Got mine too! It’s amazing, I’ve never heard much off of FM volumes 1 or 2 so I’m really excited to have all the “new” stuff to listen to. And the poster is definitely getting framed ASAP.

I also respect the fact that it was pressed as a 4 CD album so that way the people that have each individual copy still have something thats just as rare as it was before.

Hoping today or tomorrow. Strange that it hasn’t come in yet, doesn’t usually take this long to get to little ol’ Rhode Island from NY.

I’m currently listening to Featured Material Volume 1 since I had never heard it in the past. Hearing Pack during the late 90’s era of his career definitely makes you think how far he has come as an artist. I had never heard or seen any of the footage from many of his battles either so that was pretty awesome.

I’m also curious to hear how the original version of Upclose & Personal would have sounded had it had been fully mastered. The sample used for the beat sounds awesome and I’m wondering how it would’ve sounded on Whutduzfmstand4?. FMV1 isn’t really mastered or mixed, its just a raw compilation full of the best material that he recorded from that time period.

Anybody else’s never show up?

Haven’t got the e-mail yet

Mine didn’t, but haven’t checked the mail today yet.

If it hasn’t shown up I would definitely reply to the email that was left in the shipping confirmation. I think it said if it didnt come by the 12th of November to contact the email.

houstonz said:Anybody else’s never show up?

Yup, mine hasn’t as well. I emailed Pack before the RI show and he kindly gave me a CD and poster at the show. Told me to keep the second if it ever comes in the mail.

Kinda has me scared about the Polymorph edition, especially since Tone has said he is only getting what is ordered. :/

Nice job on that boxset pack it turned out clean as fuck! I’ve really enjoyed going back and listening to all of that material.

I haven’t received mine yet either, but I’m in Canada. Did you guys in the states receive yours just last week or today?

Any Europeans recieve it yet?

Has everyone received theirs? Still waiting.

Hey guys
Here’s an update,

I got about 3-4 messages about packages not received or damaged in transit.

I spent a few hours at the post office this past Saturday resolving all missed package/damage issues, so at this point I can say with certainty that every CD is accounted for. So if you’re still waiting, and haven’t emailed me, please do so info[at] and I’ll get a replacement CD out asap.

Thanks again.