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General Discussion NFL season 2014/2015

Go cowboys Sad

saw this and it made me laugh:


Patriots didn’t play much better tho…

and my Bears lost to the Bills… and we play the niners tonight :/

Injuries galore.. fuck fantasy football!


Fire Goodell…

Get rid of half the wussy penalties

move the kickoff back to where it used to be so we get some friggin returns.

Fire Goodell.

make the players sign a waiver that they understand that if they continually run full-speed into one another they may get concussions/brain damage later in life.

that is why they are paid as they are.

Make them sign that.

My team has always been Kansas City Chiefs but I’m a very casual sports fan, I couldn’t tell you stats or who’s even on the teams lol.

I’m of course going for the Ravens. Anyone notice how great the Cowboys look this year? I mean their 5-1 and Tony Romo is finding ways to win games. They look fantastic and I’m completely baffled that they look this good.

Cowboys are playing over their heads. It’s what got the Giants their last SB win but the Boys are doing it at the beginning of the season, not the end. It’s good to see the NFC East rising back up though. I think the AFC North is by far the best division this year but the NFC East never really has scrub teams, Washington has struggled recently but otherwise.

Birds are going to compete in every game this year. Let Chip expose your team’s defense. Giants got shut out after making some noise. We will welcome the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day. Maybe they can stay hot until then because Chip Kelly will keep moving his offense up and down the field with ease.

Go Eagles!

Oh I agree. I actually have the Eagles winning their division. The AFC North looks great excluding the Steelers. As a fan of the Ravens Im not used to seeing their defense look this bad. The Browns look excellent compared to how they have looked in recent memory but for them to blow out Pittsburgh 31-10 was a statement I think. As for the Ravens hopefully we can come back and win the division this year. Cincy might be on top right now but they’ll never win a superbowl or do what the Steelers or Ravens have done.

So after seeing the Ravens overtake the first spot in the AFC North and watching the Bengals get exposed by the Colts I’m interested to see what happens in the next few weeks. Especially since next Sunday the Ravens and Bengals play each other. I think what the Bengals need is a new coach because they have the talent, its just not being used right whatsoever.

The rookie CJ Mosley is a beast!

He sure is… Im glad to see the Ravens defense against the rush be so dominant.

TexasUnderground1 said:Dem Cowboys!