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Tonedeff :: The Official ‘Polymer’ QUOTABLES Thread ::

There’s already 15 tracks to choose from, so we can get this party started early. All lyrics are on the individual songs @ for easy copy/pasting.

(So far…)

“You know that shit’s bad, when a kid’s hat is a big splash
And we skip past if he spits raps, but his hip dance is a hit smash within six flat “


Competitive Nature
“But I was X’d out. Probable Kaws? Art. “


“When I want a moment of silence… I’ll ask you what my flaws are
And in the end, niggas post up frozen like Narduwar”


“and it’s a spectacle, Shit’s off the wall, like it was a Pettis blow”


“Time flies and it heals all wounds; it’s an angel
that’ll strangle you while it saves you…”

- Tonedeff, “Moment”

“I wanna be riddled with millions of rays on the skin of my face
Till the cinnamon pigment is colored crimson in shade
And I’ve been in the gray and I’m sick of waiting
And I don’t want to wonder anymore if the sun has risen today.”

- Tonedeff, “Sunrise”

I mean, c’mon. That’s some tattoo-worthy shit.

I hid every bit of esteem and concealed it inside -
Cause when you need to feed on it, then it eats you alive.

Use Me
So…did you get everything your heart desired?
And is there anything you want revised?
Cause I’ll go editing the fabric of my being
‘Til the thread of me is casually tossed aside
See I’m tailor-made to cater to your whims
for an awesome price, see the cost is pride

You’re claiming credit like you ain’t abetted by ludicrous wealth,
and then aided by numerous helpers, You may fool em well, cause who’s gonna tell?

Competitive Nature
So, fuck who you name, buddy, who’s buzzing’ll change hundreds
Of times, It’s a case study – if one of us gains love,
We’re divided, we chase money, become what we hate for something we like.

So, test your limits and pursue the goals that you control
The next assertion about winning shit that you should know -
Is success will determine if I’m driven or delusional.

Competitive Nature

“Ain’t another person on earth this versatile when I turn a verse
I let Polymer serve the purpose to further confirm these terms, but it won’t -
Cause sheep think everyone’s the GOAT - ya heard?”

Crispy (loved this since the live versions came up)
“Either you caressing your guns or obsessed with your dunks
If you quest for the funk, then Tonedeff is the one/
With the sets you can trust”

Every line of Sunrise, especially-
“Let the sun rise on.
Let it shine on.
Until it burns away.”

I think what was said on the Polymer announcement livestream 2 years ago counts as a quotable, ‘cause it describes the project and its mission statement quite well:

“I’m trying to write life music. To me, that is the hardest shit to write; to encapsulate life. Because it’s real easy to talk about how many bitches you got, how big your dick is and how much money you’re making. But to widdle the experience of life down into a sentence? We’re talking a whole other plateau. That’s real life music and the kind of music I’m interested in making. Now, with that being said… on Polymer, there will also be joints to crush some fucking emcees.”
- Tonedeff

Mission absolutely accomplished.

“I am not a one-trick pony show/
Exposed when the drums get slow,
With a twist a’ the throat, bust about nine techs at your dome/
Singin while the thugz sift through the bones! “

We’ve evolved from a cauldron
where each and all reach and crawl for the profits
And breach the walls, trying to keep what you’ve got,
Yes, You’ll feel the gnaw reaching down for your wallet
And I got a fever for the flavor of a kill
If I’m gonna meet my maker, then intaking his creation whole…filled
With a cheshire cat grin, and my deeds purged for him to discover
like… Please sir, can I have another?

Pretty much the whole song but this part in particular If i had to choose.
When I wrote Politics I was a kid acknowledging all of the shit
Now I’m an adult and I feel like a prophet,
Like how many shots did I call? Should I call my accountant?
Since Hip Hop - the counter culture - became the culture of counting

and this part:
Indie is trendy so Majors will cloak their artists as independents and pose
That’s like repping as organic Pepsi & Coke/

Apatico said:Hunter
Pretty much the whole song…

I feel you bro. Smile


Cool interview with Tone breaking down a bunch of quotes from Hunter.