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General Discussion Laptop vs. Chromebook

Anyone have any personal comparisons between the two?

I’m actually kinda leaning towards a Chromebook, but how does, say, downloading a song from an MP3 blog work, for instance? Do I immediately have to save it to Google Drive? I’ve never used Google Drive… How would I get it on my phone? The whole “cloud” idea is still kinda foreign to me. Friggin cloud.

Anyways, would welcome your thoughts/anecdotes.

I would go with a Surface Pro 3, the last thing I want is to be pigeonholed by my OS. Windows 8 might suck but at least its compatible with most software. Who knows what ChromeOS can handle. Also, Windows 8 was made for a touchscreen/tablet so maybe its is not bad on these Surface Pros.

Google Drive is pretty friendly to use but I don’t know. I don’t want to have to get everything from an app store, maybe there is some software or a game I want to play in beta phase. It’s not gonna be compatible with Chrome OS right away, or maybe ever.

If you are dropping hundreds anyway, just got with a Windows platform. I mean that’s my opinion though. It depends on your needs.

I have never owned a Chromebook or even a netbook. Surface Pro 3 looks rad, I’d take it over an iPad.

just checked the Surface Pro 3. It’s almost $800…

I know what you’re saying tho… I’ve been a Windows guy for… yeesh… 20 years now!?

Chromebooks are so friggin cheap tho…

Dude, I got a Dell. $275…and that’s with an external CDR/DVD drive. NOT BAD.


I’ve owned a netbook and I would never buy another one.

Just built myself a new rig that I’m stoked about.


and welcome back!

lolz word.

i haven’t posted in years.

dunno how im feeling the current layout is there anyway to change it?