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General Discussion Playing music on shuffle - mind of its own

So I had to laugh this morning when driving to work. “Crack Music” by Kanye West came on, immediately followed by the “N**** Pass” skit by Pack. Sometimes it seems that playing music on shuffle has a mind of it’s own…anyone else have any good ones?

ˆˆhaha, that IS a good one… I think shuffle likes making Packfm jokes perhaps:
I once skipped LL Cool J just as he was saying “I’m gonna knock you out…” and it flipped to Packfm saying “….get the fuck outta here, yo!”—Tough Talk… so then (in my head) it kinda felt like Pack & Poison Pen were slamming Cool J lol…. That was pretty funny.

CL’s Dreams followed by Giant Panda’s Let It Go also made me chuckle (easy reference: Dreams ends with “…. and we never gonna stop / even when we reach the top / of our dreams,” and the very first line of Let It Go is “All these hypes and dreams that they followin’ / that ain’t for me….”)

I had this idea a very long time ago on an album concept based on the shuffle play option, like an album that tells a different story with each mix of the tracklist, so that many stories are told while the album is in shuffle mode. The songs wouldn’t be the factor here but instead each song would start with the ending half of a sentence and end with the starting half of a sentence and when in shuffle mode each transition from one track to the next would create a different sentence. Meanwhile all the tracks would be creative never done before concept tracks. I was going to call the album “The Missing Link”. I don’t care if someone else takes this idea and runs with it, I’d be happy to see it pulled off.