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General Discussion Music in 2015

will check out that hashfinger
Made In Heights (Sabzi) full length album came out this week…the opener “Death” is still my jam even though it was released a while back

amplifya said:will check out that hashfinger
Made In Heights (Sabzi) full length album came out this week…the opener “Death” is still my jam even though it was released a while back

I quite dug that Murakami joint when that went around a few months back. Will peek this album soon.

The new Sister Crayon is amazing. Plus looks like Kno might be doing a remix for Sister Crayon.

Check out my man Grimshaw…he’s been a SOLID emcees for years…

Two releases this past week I’m digging:
Gods’Illa- Believe in Gods’illa
Bandcamp: godsilla
Soundcloud: godsilla7

The soulful production is great and the lyrics have really good high points. I really like ‘Change’ and ‘Lost’ as witty tracks that hold together.

Supastition- Gold Standard
Bandcamp: Supastition

I still spin Chain Letters regularly and was glad to see a new Supastition album. Lyrics remain sharp and his personal stuff is really rough. Check ‘Know my Worth’ and ‘End of Forever’ for standout tracks. If you like that earlier stuff, you’ll dig this release I suspect.

I’m working back through Ceschi and Sufjan because of people’s discussion on here. I didn’t love either at first and so moved on. I am really digging Ceschi’s new album. If you haven’t fully digested it, really spend some time with a couple spins of the full album and I think it will grow on you. Sufjan Stevens’ new album, it just isn’t growing on me. But then again, I didn’t like Seven Swans until he did The Age of Adz and for some reason that later release made me appreciate Seven Swans a lot more (now my favorite album by him).

Killah Priest’s new album is streaming on soundcloud: macmediapromo

I like the subject matter he drops. Knowledge. Psychic World Of Walter Reed is one of the best albums of 2013.

Been a fan of KP since I first heard him on the Gravediggaz song Diary of a Madman. Also a huge Sunz of Man fan when they were releasing music.


Killah Priest - “Planet of the Gods”

Soundcloud: macmediapromo

Just came across this singer from London, Holly Walker. She’s nice. Only could find a few songs of hers. She has 2 songs on a new release by this duo called Maribou State which can be heard on hypem premiere. She has a few other songs on her soundcloud page. I’m keeping my ears open for more from her.

Also found this nice release on hypem premiere. Nice singing on this.


Active Child - “Mercy”

If anybody loves Frank Zappa’s music as much as I do, this new release is a must get:
Zapped by Gajah and Mute Speaker

bandcamp: acidlabrecords

I love the care of the project a lot. When these twisting old artists for hip hop projects come out, I think they work best when they don’t just make you want to sample search, but when you want to relisten to the work of the original artists and see what they were doing. Zoot Allures by Zappa has been in constant rotation today after I listened to this project. The production was done really loving Zappa’s work (both musical but also just his words), not just tooling with his work to make something dope. Lyrics have high points. If you like Zappa, a very cool project.

L’Orange & Kool Keith album might be interesting!!!

Many years since I heard Zoot Allures (see also Sheikh Yerbouti; such great album titles!), but my recollection is it was a bloody good record. Zappa was such a smart guy.

Skyzoo’s new album is out early.


Skyzoo - “Music For My Friends”

On Spotify. Don’t think this will be up on soundcloud or bandcamp, 2 of my go to spots for music.


1) All Day, Always

Produced by AntMan Wonder

2) Suicide Doors

Produced by MarcNfinit

3) The Moments That Matter (feat. Kay Cola)

Produced by Jahlil Beats, Co-Produced by AntMan Wonder

4) Luxury (feat. Westside Gunn)

Produced by Skyzoo

5) Everything’s For Sale

Produced by !llmind

6) See A Key (Ki’) (feat. Jadakiss)

Produced by Thelonious Martin

7) Money Makes Us Happy (feat. Black Thought & Bilal)

Produced by The Rvlt.

Cool Playing Favorites (feat. Christon Gray)

Produced by !llmind

9) Meadow Of Trust (feat. Saba)

Produced by Black Metaphor

10) Women Who Can Cook

Produced by Thelonious Martin

11) Civilized Leisure (feat. MoZaic)

Produced by !llmind

12) The Experience

Produced by MarcNfinit

13 Asking Bodie For A Package (feat. Skarr Akbar)

Produced by !llmind

14) Things I Should’ve Told My Friends

Produced by Apollo Brown

15) Sweet Pursuit (feat. Kay Cola)

Produced by Seige Monstracity

*iTunes Bonus: Falling Out The Sky

Produced by Praise

*Vinyl/Cassette Bonus: Hands Folded Together (feat. Elzhi)

Produced by DJ Prince (Bonus Track)

^ Jadakiss and Black Thought on there, very nice

The Skyzoo and Czarface albums are underwhelming to me. I was kind of hyped for Skyzoo’s album because I had been sleeping on him and finally woke up when the Barrel Brothers album dropped last year which I liked. I guess I woke up at the right time because I think the Barrel Brothers album might be his best work. I was expecting better on the new Skyzoo album.

I probably need to listen to the new Czarface more but from one listen through I just wasn’t feeling it. I do miss those types of raps with punchlines that make me actually laugh out loud as Esoteric usually has but it’s not enough. I liked the first Czarface album when it dropped but actually haven’t listened to it since last year and don’t really have a desire to. Esoteric was never a longevity rapper to me, more a punchline rapper that was good for one maybe 2 listens. I think the novelty of having him and Deck collaboration was also a reason I was intrigued by their first album. A huge Wu fan in the 90s also another reason although none of Deck’s album are amongst my favorites from Wu. I can’t really even talk about Wu because it’s been so long since I’ve been a real fan aside from the Ghost and Younge project I can’t think of any others since like The W album, maybe Iron Flag, that I liked. Anyway Czarface new album, not all that to me. I try not to be negative especially when no one is asking but I kind of had hopes for these 2 albums and they both underwhelmed me.

R&B singer Steven A. Clark dropped the first single titled “Not You” from his upcoming LP “The Lonely Roller” dropping September 18th on Secretly Canadian Records. If you haven’t yet check out his EP that dropped last year titled “Late”.

Soundcloud: secretlycanadian


New Deniro Farrar produced by Young God (of BSBD).

Actually really liking this one. Interesting to hear YG’s production separate to 88 Ultra, every beat is awesome and Deniro is much more enjoyable on this than past projects I’ve heard of his.

Preorders for the new Adam and Cuth album “Formwork” are up. I’ve been talking about this album the last couple of months. Man I wish Cuth releases the instrumentals. No disrespect to Adam just saying Cuth’s beats are amazing and would be dope to hear on their own. The album is being released on CD and Vinyl as well as digitally July 20th, the day before my birthday. You can preorder it on bandcamp and hear a new track off the album on their bandcamp page. You can also hear a 50 second snippet of another song off the album on the Facebook page: adamandcuth. The beats Cuth did on the project with Frank Stew are how I got on the Cuth. Really dope producer.

I also just noticed that they’re selling this for mad cheap. I don’t usually see a CD LP sell for less than 8 US dollars. And the digital is only 4 bucks and change.


Adam and Cuth - “Formwork”

Bandcamp: adamandcuth

Epic Aesthetic these guys are from your parts: UK.

Random shit: Kno’s Death Is Silent has been what I’ve been playing in the car the last couple of days. Actually I have a bunch of untitled CDRs in my car because I refuse to risk scratching up the original CDS and that’s what happened to my DIS CDR copy, it’s scratched and skips near the middle and end. But strange thing happened. I have like 50 of these untitled CDs (I’m to lazy to title the CDRs and just play Russian roulette when playing them) well wouldn’t you know I take out DIS out of the CD player and dig through this bunch of CDS and the CD that I popped in is Oneiorology. What are the chances. I picked out of like 50 untitled CDRs. Just thought that was cool.

Edit: now I feel weird blasting if I could get away with murder because of what happened in NC.

Came across this. Nice.


Winterplan - “Fight/Flight”

Bandcamp: winterplan
Soundcloud: winterplan

The new Pete Rock is out.


Pete Rock - “PeteStrumentals 2”

Bandcamp: mellomusicgroup

Dope. So Amazing. One of the best instrumental albums I’ve heard.

I know it is bullshit, but sometimes these can be fun: Halfway point assessment of 2015. Following categories:
Favorite EP:
Favorite LP:
Favorite track:
Favorite featured verse:
Favorite production:
Favorite album artwork:

Here’s mine:
Favorite EP: Snow Ocean by Young Planet (once again hat tip to Numonic)
Favorite LP: Cold Winter by Sheisty Khrist x LoFidel (and remix)
Favorite track: tie: American Scream by Mr. Mecc and A List of Withouts by Oddisee
Favorite featured verse: Natti on Havana Nights
Favorite production: All Hands by Doomtree
Favorite album artwork: To Pimp a Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar

There was so much that I liked in the first half and this list will change in a week or two for sure. But, this is what I’m digging right now. What you all enjoying?

Hands down album of the year is The Village Of Vale. Epic! I didn’t realize until now that John McGrew made the album free to download and also put it up on his soundcloud page. The vinyl is also available for sale on John Mcgrew’s website. I’m not a vinyl head although I do have some, I’d like to have a physical copy of this album so I might buy the vinyl. I’ve been loving this album since I got it digitally in January.


The Village of Vale

Free to download on johnmcgrewmusic dot com

Stream on soundcloud: johnmcgrew

Very close second and pretty much tied for album of the year except that I had the album since last year unofficially: Moon and Pollution “The Box Borealis”. Hell, I’m still saying it’s tied for album of the year. Classic album.

I don’t really make the distinction between EP and LP.

Can’t say favorite track, too many favorites.

Don’t think I can say favorite feature verse either.

Album artwork, Village of Vale epitomizes this category with it’s conceptual release. That goes for production too.

It’s funny because the village of vale can fit in many of the categiries, possible EP and LP with it’s length and number of tracks it’s like on the border. I can’t say if it’s an EP or an LP. It’s in that sweet spot which adds to it’s excellence. Production and artwork award also go to this album. I can’t say enough about this album. I’m surprised I’ve been so quiet about it since it’s release in January. Go to soundcloud and/or John Mcgrew’s site now and listen to this epic masterpiece.

Oh snap! Just found out about this John McGrew project Bells and Bones. On his soundcloud page, how come I never got a tweet or email about this. Glad I found it now.

Oh it came out in 2010. He put up some of his previous releases. I didn’t know about any of his work aside from what he did with his group Apollo Run.

I can’t imagine this the first Andre 3000 mix ever made but it’s the first one that I’ve came across, granted I never looked for an Andre 3000 mix. I know he and Outkast and Dungeon Fam are a big influence to Cunninlynguists. I grew up more on NY hiphop although the early Outkast albums (ATLiens) and Goodie Mob (Soul Food, I had the Still Standing album but I won it, didn’t buy it, Black Ice was the single from that that’s nostalgic to me) albums are in some part nostalgic to me as I do remember them being released and played along with the music I grew up listening to. I liked the dudes but I never held them as high as some do. Although Andre’s Love Below album is one of my favorite albums ever. Anyway I came across this mix of Andre 3000 verses put together by this producer I’ve known for some years now: Big Cats. This mix is on his mixcloud: bigcatsbeats.


Big Cats & Andre 3000 - Stacks on Stacks on Stacks

Mixcloud: bigcatsbeats

Tried to copy and paste the tracklisting but couldn’t. You can find the tracklisting here:

This mix is dope.

Buddy Peace has a new project: “Vegas Nerve”. Dope name, human anatomy reference. It’s on his soundcloud page.

It’s pretty dope.

Soundcloud: buddypeace

Also another dope producer 2econd Class Citizen dropped his new LP. Not as good as his last one “A Small Minority” which is an amazing album but this new one is still good.


2econd Class Citizen - “A Hall of Mirrors”

Bandcamp powered online page: shop.thecontentlabel
Soundcloud: 2econdclasscitizen
Soundcloud: thecontentlabel

Also C-Rayz Walz is supposedly about to drop a new album tonight or something.

Sister Crayon has a new video for the song Ride|Die off the new album “Devoted” which is one of the best albums to drop this year.

Charlie Patton’s War, a band that dropped an amazing rock album last year (or maybe it was 2013) has a release date for their new album: July 24th. Dope. Actually not sure if they’re rock, more like blues and funk mixed with rock or something, whatever it’s dope music.

Oh and the amazingly beautiful Molly Dean of Moon and Pollution was sweet enough to give me the lyrics to the Box Borealis Album which is a classic album that officially dropped this year. So dope.

This place is completely dead but the music is alive and well.

Kodiak Fur has a new song on their soundcloud page titled Right Now.

Soundcloud: kodiakfur

Kodiak Fur has some nice music and has been releasing singles like every other month over the last several months. Their sound and name kind of remind me of another singer I like named Kotomi. I was thinking it would be cool to make a KoKo mix (Kodiak Fur & Kotomi) of the singles they’ve released after their EPs. You can hear those songs on their soundcloud pages. Kotomi’s soundcloud of course is Kotomi. Speaking of Kotomi, she was supposed to release a new song today as she said she’d release a new one on the first Tuesday of every month this year but she said the song this month is going to be released a little late due to technical difficulties. But check out all the other songs she released this year and the amazing EP that she released last year especially the song off of it titled Simple & Sweet.

In other news I kind of felt desperate for some mind blowing dope rap, nothing this year has really done that for me although there have be some good raps (i.e. Young Planet, C-Rayz Walz, and Adam Zombie are my favorites this year so far). A couple days ago one of my favorite rappers Tom Scott of the now defunct rap group @Peace said that he has a new rap group named “Average Rap Band”. He mentioned this some months ago and I thought it was a joke but he’s for real and even has a promo of the album done which he asked fans if they’d like to have it and he’d ship it out to them. So I should be receiving that in the mail soon Although it is coming from New Zealand or Australia but I’ve ordered from there and strangely have gotten shipments from there in to the states quicker than I’ve gotten orders that were shipping from within the US, go figure. Despite the rap group name “Average Rap Band” I doubt the rapping will be anything but average. Tom Scott is one of the best emcees out and I have no doubt he’ll blow my mind. I’m not sure who else is in the new group, it’s possible is @Peace co-rapper Lui Tui could also be in it, he’s nice too, I favor Tom Scott though.

Another rap album I look to blow my mind is the Grizzly Gato project on Subbomin records. That is a joint rap project by rappers Grizzly Grimace and Oddy Gato. That song and video “vs Donnie Wahlberg” is amazing. Check it out if you haven’t. The album should be dropping soon, I remember a picture Grizzly Grimace posted of the vinyl for it some months ago. So it’s dropping soon. Possibly thus weekend at a big show happening in Albany NY just based on some words in the tag for the show on instagram. I am really hyped for this album. Probably my number one most anticipated rap album this year.

Kno keeps hinting at his project with Sadistik which I am also really hyper about but have no idea how far along it really is but they both say soon. That project is also tied at number one for most anticipated rap release this year assuming it’s dropping this year.

Not sure if Tone’s Polymer will be ready before the year ends. Seems like a lot of pieces to it. But I guess he might release the digital before the vinyl and and CD so it’s possible for this year, if he does that. We’ll see.

I should mention that I like Ceschi’s new BBB album but I don’t think it’s as good as his One Man Band album.

Giving the new Ghostface and Adrian Younge a listen.

I can’t really get in to Ghost at the moment. Not in the mood I guess.

I’m also looking forward to Yamin Semali’s new project, I think dropping in August. Go support dude, I think his Mom recently passed.

Mentioned this guy late in the 2013 music thread and he’s pretty well known (well at least more than most of the musicians I mention). Jason Isbell’s new upcoming album is now streaming on NPRs site. I don’t know many country singers, hell I don’t think I can name 3 but I like this dude’s music. The album officially drops July 17th. I was kind of in a “fuck everything else, I need to hear a new dope rap album now!” mood but whatever, I got a dope country album instead.


I mentioned this Rock band last year: White Reaper. You can stream their new upcoming album on NPRs site. The album officially drops July 17th.


White Reaper - “White Reaper Does It Again”

A few months dated, but I’m digging the recent release by JustMe in April.
Hajime by JustMe
bandcamp: Illect

I only really gave JustMe an honest listen in the past couple months but think this release is quite quality. The dark production fits nicely with the lyrics and the hooks are the best of any JustMe album for my 2cents. Screamer is awesome in this respect as the production, lyrics, and hook all fit together perfectly. A dope release.

It only gets hotter with the totally real diss of Sheisty’s Cold Winter: “Look at the picture, you’ve always been old and bitter/Couldn’t write a hot song, so you called it Cold Winter.” Damn and once again this is definitely 100% USDA certified beef here and not at all tongue in cheek and we all should expect Sheisty to drop all the cool shit he’s doing (a motherfucking comic book that I missed out on…damn) and write at least two albums of diss tracks back in response.

Numonic said: I don’t know many country singers, hell I don’t think I can name 3

No more me, but you only ever buy two country records: