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General Discussion Music in 2015

That Pig Food Record is pretty dope, they sound like the Rugged Man meets AOTP.

Also, just wanna say that Emancipator got me through an insanely stressful night of working from home. I am just now hearing this cat for the first time. Seven Seas is getting purchased, is there a physical for sale?

The Trashman said:That Pig Food Record is pretty dope, they sound like the Rugged Man meets AOTP.

Is the Alaska there the same one that used to be in Atoms Family? Figured I’d ask if Numonic or anyone knows.

The Trashman said:That Pig Food Record is pretty dope, they sound like the Rugged Man meets AOTP.

Also, just wanna say that Emancipator got me through an insanely stressful night of working from home. I am just now hearing this cat for the first time. Seven Seas is getting purchased, is there a physical for sale?

Yeah I’ve been following Pig Food Records forever. Some of my favorite rappers are on there. The video for that song is wild, I give you fair warning before watching it.

The Emancipator album is dope too. I’m not sure if there are physical copies but you can search.

Revision said:

The Trashman said:That Pig Food Record is pretty dope, they sound like the Rugged Man meets AOTP.

Is the Alaska there the same one that used to be in Atoms Family? Figured I’d ask if Numonic or anyone knows.

Yes that is the same Alaska. He joined Pig Food Records a could years ago. Atoms still exist in a smaller form and it now includes Alaska, Cryptic One and Windnbreeze and they released some music over the last year. Windnbreeze has a solo album produced by Cryptic One in the works.

Edit: Speak of the devil, the released date just went up for the new Windnbreeze album. It drops December 15th, 2015. Preorders will be live soon.

Speaking of Cryptic One, he’s still steady with his beat a day series for 100 days, I think he’s somewhere in the 70s now. He also started a Verse of the Week series but after 3 weeks he took a hiatus from it, he’s getting back to it with the 4th verse coming soon. I always thought of Cryptic One as an exceptional rapper although I have a feeling he’s known more for his production skills.

The new Teej and Cuth album is now streaming on the Wordplay Magazine website. So hyped for new Cuth production and hopefully the raps are dope too.

Edit: This is out now on bandcamp. Physical CDs available.


Teej and Cuth - Seven Ages

Bandcamp: teejandcuth

There’s a rapper I found out about not too long ago. His name is Knowlege and he’s from Albany NY. Dude is nice. His bio says he’s been rapping for 10 years but I couldn’t find any of his past work, only what he has on his soundcloud page including a new song called “Sky High”. Check it out.

Soundcloud: knowlege518

I need to make a mix, a lot of dope singles this year with no home. Here’s another one.


Esther Stephens & The Means - Get Out Alive (Mel Parsons cover)

Esther Stephens & The Means are proud to release their reinterpretation of ‘Get Out Alive’ by Mel Parsons, as performed at the 2015 APRA Silver Scroll Awards. ‘Get Out Alive’ was one of 5 songs nominated for the top songwriting prize, and the band were honoured to pay tribute to Mel’s excellent songwriting and musicianship. 

Esther Stephens & The Means release their NZ On Air funded video for ‘French Kiss’ Nov 10, followed by a release party at Matterhorn (AK) on Nov 14.

Bandcamp: estherstephensandthemeans
Soundcloud: estherstephensandthemeans

New Rare Monk EP out now


Rare Monk

Bandcamp: b3scirecords
Soundcloud: raremonk

Here are some singles that dropped over the last several months that I’ve liked.


Dreamers - Shooting Shadows

Soundcloud: dreamersjoinus


Kendra Morris - Wizards Float

Soundcloud: kendra-morris


Astronautalis - Sike

Soundcloud: astronautalis


Pig Food Records - The Fork & Knife

Bandcamp: pigfoodrecords


Numonic said:

Numonic said:My girl Montaigne has a new song that is outstanding.  Hands down this is song of the year and that includes any genre of music.


Montaigne - “Clip My Wings”

Soundcloud: montaignemusic

And if you’re new to her check out her EP “Life of Montaigne” on Spotify.  It dropped last year.  She also has a couple other songs up on her soundcloud page: montaignemusic

She is one of my favorite singers today.  She’s been working hard in the studio, last I heard she had like 80 songs waiting to be released.

The video for this song is now available to watch in the US on youtube.  It’s amazing.


Night Speak: Kelsie Hastie & Terra Lopez (of Sister Crayon) - Sirens

Soundcloud: night-speak


Dusty Heart: Barbara Jean & Molly Dean (of Moon & Pollution) - The River

On YouTube


Mono Sources - The thought of you featuring  Kotomi

Bandcamp: Monosources
Soundcloud: Monosources



Jenny Broke The Window - Skinny Dip
Jenny Broke The Window - Black Skeleton

Soundcloud: jennybrokethewindow






Kotomi - Free
Kotomi - Shiny
Kotomi - Bright Side
Kotomi - Swimming
Kotomi - Please (Say You Never Will)

Bandcamp: kotomi
Soundcloud: kotomi


Prolyphic - The Third Gunman

Soundcloud: prolyphic


Grizzly Gato feat. Homeboy Sandman - Finding a New Balance on a Boogie Board

Soundcloud: grizzlygato




Kodiak Fur - Right Now
Kodiak Fur - Crush
Kodiak Fur - Crystal
Kodiak Fur - I’ll Be Waiting feat. Pazmal

Soundcloud: kodiakfur


Numonic said:

Young Planet - “Chosen Few”

Bandcamp: youngplanet
Soundcloud: youngplanet


Romen Rok & Brendan Bell - “Dead Level”

Soundcloud: romen-rok-brendan-bell




Cheers Elephant - “Speak Think”
Cheers Elephant - “Airliner”
Cheers Elephant - “Steak Knife”

Bandcamp: cheerselephant
Soundcloud: cheerselephant


Handbook - Trauma (We Cried)

Soundcloud: handbook


P. Smurf - N.T. (Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes Live Remix)

On youtube


Booda French - The Feeling

Bandcamp: eatgoodrecords
Soundcloud: eatgoodrecords


MondayFriday - Thursday - MF (The Weak Ends II)

Bandcamp: workingclassmusicgroup
Soundcloud: deadendhiphop


My Brightest Diamond - Say What

Bandcamp: mybrightestdiamond

Here are 2 bonus tracks off the new album by Son Little. These are on the extended CD version of the album.


Son Little - Wanted To
Son Little - Real Goodbye

Soundcloud: antirecords


The Cairos - Love Don’t Feel Right

Soundcloud: thecairos

I bought that Son Little record. Not the EP, the eponymous one.

Really good stuff! Thanks for the recommendation, Numonic (?).

moto748 said:I bought that Son Little record. Not the EP, the eponymous one.

Really good stuff! Thanks for the recommendation, Numonic (?).

You’re welcome. I’m back baby! Here’s more new music.

New EP by My Body Sings Electric. I’ve been waiting long for new music from them.


My Body Sings Electric - Franklin Tapes Side A

Bandcamp: mybodysingselectric
Soundcloud: mybodysingselectric

New instrumental album by Foul Mouth. He released another one some months ago that is outstanding. I expect the same from this new one.


Foul Mouth - Winner Takes All

Bandcamp: producersiknow

Wow! For some odd reason, all the files from one of my folders on my phone is missing. I use Androzip to unzip files and I usually keep a lot of files in it’s folder after unzipping and they are all gone now. I have a fairly recent backup of most of the files on my laptop but I think I might have lost a great deal of new stuff (year 2015 files). No wonder my available space went from 1 gig to 4 gigs. This damn new phone is always automatic updating, it must have emptied the folder somehow. This sucks because I’m not 100% sure what I lost. I first realized it after moto mentioned the Son Little album and I went to play it and couldn’t. Luckily I still have the zip file of it. I don’t understand how all those files could just disappear. It’s all good, it was mostly music and I probably mentioned all of it in this thread so I should be able to recover them all by just going through this thread. And this phone stopped alerting me of one of my email services so I have been missing emails for some time. It’s all because of this constant automatic updating system updating apps every 5 minutes, a hundred times a day. I’m sure I can probably turn off automatic updates of apps. I might have to, there’s no reason to be updating as frequently as it does.

Just found out about this rapper Aztek the Barfly through Foul Mouth who did a beat on his new album. Dude is kind of nice. I think worth mentioning.


Aztek the Barfly - Adrenochrome

Bandcamp: aztekthebarfly

New EP by Zavala (producer of Dark Time Sunshine) dropped today. Inspired by the Chicago House scene.


Zavala - Memory Traps EP

Bandcamp: Zavala
Soundcloud: Zavala

That sucks, Numonic!

But hey, like they say, First World problems. Smile

Oh Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! PJ Katz just dropped Ear Food Vol. 3! I’ve been waiting since last year for it. So fitting with the title and the Thanksgiving holiday. Happy Thanksgiving. Dig in. Dope.


PJ Katz - Ear Food Vol. 3

Bandcamp: pjkatz

I normally try to stay positive but I gotta say something about my current world of rap music and before I say this is know it contradicts what I just said to 2 by four in the previous page and I also try to stick by the notion that failure to find the type of rap music one is looking for is not because that rap music does not exist but because one is not digging deep enough to find that music but I’m pretty sure cats will agree that I’m one of the deepest diggers of music known as I always post obscure music but despite that I have to say that I miss creative emceeing. No disrespect to the rappers I’ve been promoting over the last few years on here, I love them and they’ve released some amazing music but I just feel something is missing. I’ve been feeling it for some time now but the rap that I’ve been finding has been good enough to keep me quiet about it but i don’t know why, right now I just feel I had to speak up about it. Tonedeff is the only emcee I know of in the last several years that is really pushing the creative boundaries of rap and I’m talking about the rapping aspect not the music aspect. I feel there are a number that are pushing the music aspect of rap music but I can’t think of any besides Tonedeff that are really pushing the rap boundaries. To be more specific I’m talking about Songs like Demon and Spiral. A lot of cats I like do that multisylabic rhyme scheme flow and some flip puns and turn phrases which I love but I really feel like there is so much more creative rap that can be done. Not just creative concepts and stories but creative structures of rap. I know it’s not easy. I used to attempt to rap and some time before I quit I had a goal of only doing creative rap. I did one style that I have yet to hear done and I did it like 15 years ago. It was a hobby to me though, I was just doing the rap that I wanted to hear without care of what others wanted. I stopped doing it because I felt that maybe it would be easier for me to find others doing that rap if I dug hard enough but many years later only a few creative rap songs have be done. I might get back in to it as something I do on the side of my day job. Hopefully this reaches some ears and pushes more rappers to be creative. Okay this was a tldr. I digress.

Anyone watch the Chris Stapleton/Justin Timberlake duet at the CMA awards?

Talk about a career/life-changing performance.

Minutes after his song was #2 on iTunes and his album was sold-out on Amazon.

Winning New Artist/Album of the year didn’t hurt, either.

I am very happy for the dude… after years spent writing hits for other people, he finally gets his shine. Looks like he belongs in ZZ Top, too.

Oh snap! Average Rap Band is releasing their sophomore album in December (yes in a couple of weeks) and they just put up a song that didn’t make the final cut on their soundcloud page: averagerapband. The song is called “Stupid Man”. This is mad dope, I’m still enjoying their first album that just dropped in July. Also was just checking out their live performance of songs off the album on youtube which is outstanding. I love these guys Tom Scott and Lui Tuiasau are really dope rappers. Tom Scott I consider one of the best out right now. So hyped about the news that they have a new album dropping in December. I mentioned them quite a bit so I you should know that Average Rap Band is part of the now defunct group @Peace. There are also some dope videos for all the songs on the ARB Stream of Nonsenseness album.

I was about to make a best of 2015 list but I gotta wait now because I’m sure this new ARB album dropping in December will be on it.

Plus Tom Scott is releasing a solo LP next year.

In other unrelated news I just copped this new Young Planet hoodie off their website. Another dope hiphop duo which also contains another emcee I would consider one of the best (Cidida) and Eibol is one of the best producers with the beats and singing. They always put up there music for free and someone on these boards asked about supporting them so here’s your chance plus you get a really dope and super comfortable hoodie for this winter coming. Spinyoungplanet dot com.

I’m going to be ready for the cold with my APOS beanie and Young Planet hoodie.

In other news producer Chairman Maf is releasing a new instrumental album December 4th. Dude is an outstanding producer. He just put up a 10 minute sampler of the album (which is called SOUP) on his soundcloud page: chairmanmaf. It’s mad dope.

Also I found this video of Tonedeff & Natti performing Urutora Kaiju live and wow it’s amazing.

The new Chairman Maf instrumental album SOUP is out now. Plus he has a 25% off discography deal. Check his bandcamp.


Chairman Maf - SOUP

Bandcamp: chairmanmaf

Oh Snap! Max Heath of Child Actor has a solo project dropping tomorrow called Circadion. I’ve been hoping to hear more of his singing especially after hearing Orange on Sadistik’s Ultraviolet LP and the vocal parts he’s had on other Child Actor songs. I’ve been following Child Actor since the beginning and some (Amplifya) know how I felt about Sedgie leaving the group. I came to appreciate Natalie after I got over Sedgie leaving. But we haven’t heard much Max Heath singing in the past but what we have heard is nice. So I am kind of hyped for this project. I wasn’t even aware it was in the works. It drops for free tomorrow on Fake Four Inc.‘s bandcamp page as part of the label’s “Freecember” thing where every Friday in December they release a new project for free. I also forgot they do that. There are extremely limited (only 40) physical copies (Cassette) available. So you have to be quick if you want one.

Oh I should have mentioned I’ve had the lead single The Saddest Song on repeat since it was put up on Fake Four’s Soundcloud page less than half an hour ago.

It’s up on bandcamp now.



Circadion (Max Heath of Child Actor) - Circadion

Bandcamp: fakefour

This is so dope and the tape is so bought.

Some cool combinations on Bandcamp the last week.

1. said the starling. The Other Imperfect EP. (Bandcamp=saidthestarling).
This is a very cool little EP by Ryan Vinson and Hectic Zeniths. I love ‘Silverware’ which is absolutely beautifully produced. It has a clear focus throughout the EP with the voicemails adding some nice continuity. They tagged it as ‘ambient’ and that’s a good descriptor. It is very outstanding little production that I’m digging more every time.

2. Cavanaugh. Time & Materials. (Bandcamp=openmikeeagle360).
Combination of Open Mike Eagle and Serengeti. I never gave these guys their due on their individual projects. I thought both were great, but never really got deep into either. But the combination is very cool. It is well-balanced without either being way beyond the other. ‘Typecast’ is a great track.

I know this is relative and it might seem silly to say this since the album only dropped some months ago (late July/early August) but this album has longevity. Been revisiting it in the last week and the revisits are very enjoyable. I really like the production, multisylabic rhyme schemes and mic presence on here and the fun (and i would say catchy) lyrics. Really dope album.

Numonic said:

Grizzly Gato - “While You Were Sleeping”

Bandcamp: grizzlygato

Album up on bandcamp. Digital, CD and Vinyl and Ginger Beer tank top for sale.

I also enjoyed that Fuzz II album in the last month also. Not ready to say it’s better than their first album but it’s close.

I’m still in awe that Average Rap Band is about to release another album this month when their last one just dropped in July. How they rap so good and manage to put out so much music makes me question what’s taking some rappers so long to put out music. I would put their Stream of Nonsenseness album in the top 5 albums of the year, maybe even top 3.

But a lot has dropped this year. I’ve posted about 80 projects in this thread (all projects that were released in 2015). And the previous year more. A lot of music over the last few years. If you ask me what I’m doing with my life, music is a big part of it and it will continue to be. I am going to work on my 2016 anticipated albums list. Should be an awesome year, I’m able to continue to grow my list because every year I come across many new artists I like. But as it goes an artist usually only releases one or at most 2 projects a year so in order to quench my desire for a new album every other day of the year I have to have hundreds of artists to follow. Okay this became a tldr.

Co-sign on The Other Imperfect by Said The Starling. I think my favorites are Bad Bearings, Silverware, and Piece.

houstonz said:Co-sign on The Other Imperfect by Said The Starling. I think my favorites are Bad Bearings, Silverware, and Piece.

‘Silverware’ is just an amazing song in my book. Not that the others have any problems, but really digging that one.

In the waiting area waiting for my turn to see my new born nephew.

I mentioned this singer Lewis Lane before. She just released a couple of new songs and put together an EP with previously released songs. Check it out on soundcloud.


Lewis Lane - Take EP

Soundcloud: itslewislane

Also while you’re on soundcloud check out the 4 verse of the week tracks Cryptic One has up so far on his page. It’s loosley titled verse of the week as it has missed some weeks since it started. I like him as a rapper (even though i think he is more known for his production which are also nice) and I want him to keep the verses going so visit and show him love if you like them.


Cryptic One - Verse of the Week series

Soundcloud: crypticone

Average Rap Band leaked another song that didn’t make their upcoming album. It’s called Average Rap Song. It’s up on their soundcloud page: averagerapband

Idly Googling this morning, I see that not only is Son Little in the UK right now, he is playing what looks like his last date there in London tomorrow!

If I’d seen that a week ago, etc etc…

Out of the question for me now, but I messaged my son (who lives in London), and urged him to go if at all possible.

Ah yes Son Little is very dope.
I just came across this epic project (Chamber Opera Music) that the singer of My Brightest Diamond (Shara Worden) is in. Her voice is awesome. This project is bigger than just the music as there is a play with it. There is a pledge music page to raise money for it and you can get goods with your pledge. But on bandcamp there is the album for it, CD for sale too. Chamber music is new to me but I just really love Shara Worden’s voice, the others are cool too. There’s a story here too.


You Us We All - You Us We All

Bandcamp: yuwa

Shara Worden is also part of another project dropping in February 2016. 2 songs available for streaming now.


The Fiction Issue by Gabriel Kahane, Brooklyn Rider, My Brightest Diamond

Bandcamp: Gabrielkahane

Also that Kishi Bashi live album is dope. Check it out if you haven’t. I mentioned it in the previous page.

moto748 said:Idly Googling this morning, I see that not only is Son Little in the UK right now, he is playing what looks like his last date there in London tomorrow!

If I’d seen that a week ago, etc etc…

Out of the question for me now, but I messaged my son (who lives in London), and urged him to go if at all possible.

Son Little is opening for Leon Bridges’s spring tour if you can grab tickets to that. it was already pretty much sold out in my city when it was announced (surprisingly/thankfully already had tix), so I’m not sure what it’ll be like in yours now. but it’s worth a shot, perhaps!

Thanks for that. I don’t know LB, but have read good things. Supporting acts aren’t always the same in different countries; I looked up his London date, and no support act is mentioned. That’s not to say that between then and now, of course… Anyway, he’s playing the Brixton Academy, which is a fairly big venue.