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General Discussion Music in 2015

So far Im really enjoying

fav tracks. Paper Trails and On & On the most.

Fashawn - The Ecology
fav tracks. Guess Who’s Back & Something To Believe In

Rapper Big Pooh - Words Paint Pictures
fav tracks. Augmentation & Promise Land.

Mello Music Group - Persona
fav tracks. Troubles ft Masta Ace & Word to The Wise ft Oddisee.

Looking forward to basically anything else coming from Mello Music Group.

Oddisee - The Good Fight
Red Pill - Look What This World Did To Us
L’Orange & Jeremiah Jae - The Night Took Us In Like Family

^ Mello Music Group is killin it right now…

I ordered Persona and Redux earlier this week… should come any day now.

Pre-ordered Red Pill / L’Orange & Jeremiah Jae…

I still need to order Words Paint Pictures and pre-order The Good Fight though…

good to hear positive feedback with words paint pictures and persona!

Apatico said:To Pimp a Butterfly is soooooooooo dope. I’ve listening to it on repeat. What are some of yall’s favorite tracks? It’s hard to say but I’ve still really conntected to The Black the Berry, These Walls, Institutionalized, and U.

There’s so much to digest here and it varies on whether I’m in a passive or analytical mood. The album on the whole is a lot less accessible than GKMC, but so layered and dense. I really like the fact that it’s challenging, both musically and lyrically, it’s a proper album experience rather than a bunch of singles woven together (but we expected no less right?)

The Blacker The Berry is such a hard single and it’s no surprise to see it being mentioned in people’s favourites from the album. Apart from that, I really like wesleys theory, King Kunta, These Walls, Complexion and How Much a Dollar Cost the most at the moment - however like I said, this is definitely an album that needs to be listened as one.

I’d say to anyone who’s not feeling it yet should really just sit down with it, read the lyrics whilst listening and try to let it all soak in.

Rhys said:

Numonic said:Way overdue for an update in here.

New Young Planet (Cidida & Eibol) dropped at the end of February.


Young Planet - “Snow Ocean”

Bandcamp: youngplanet
Soundcloud: youngplanet

Their last release “New Fast Automatic” is a masterpiece. Get the Ludwig album too. I mentioned these guys a good number of times on this board but never got any reception from anyone. Anyway, I love their music.

Just downloaded this now (at nearly 2am).
I’m not sure if it was your recommendation, Numonic, but I checked out New Fast Automatic on recommendations from this board (that I rarely check out, to be honest) and I love it! I really can’t understand why these guys are putting out music at this high quality without even the option of giving them money (i.e. “Free Download”, not “Pay what you like”). Outside of the QN5 camp, New Fast Automatic is probably my most listened to album these days…

I’ll try to get back to this thread with my opinion on Snow Ocean.

Finally, someone that speaks my language. I’m the only one on here that has ever mentioned Young Planet so it had to be my recommendation you’re referring to. I’m loving this new EP. It’s not the masterpiece that New Fast Automatic is, plus it’s only an EP where as NFA is an LP but I love it. As far as the money thing, I don’t know what to say, doesn’t bother me as long as they keep releasing heat, that’s all that matters. Of course I wish them success but if they choose to give their music away for free, doesn’t bother me in the least. In fact I think it’s bold and a spit in the face to anyone that says they won’t be successful because they’re obviously judging success by something else other than money. Not that there is anyone saying that, while I haven’t seen many comments on Young Planet, I haven’t seen one negative one. So stop sleeping guys.

This new Kendrick Lamar album is amazing. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I liked Good Kid Maad City but this might actually be better to me. He just completely separated himself from everyone else in mainstream hip hop and put out an album filled with originality. I seriously can’t think of anyone else in mainstream hip hop putting out music this dope.

Totally agree about the Kendrick Lamar album. LOVE the jazz and funk production, and the lyrics are so poignant.

I remember you was conflicted.


Adam Zombie - Pilgrim State

Bandcamp: adamzee
Soundcloud: adam-zee

Some dope raps.

Anyone else speaking my language with this one? Dope fun rap music.

Alright Numonic and Rhys, hat tip on the Young Planet stuff. Been listening for a couple days now and it is quality stuff. Thanks all.

You’re welcome Revision.

Something I realized I haven’t done in a while, well over a year now, and that’s make a mixtape, or mixCD is what I should say. I’m going to make one. I always get great pride with the mixes I put together plus it will give me a reason to use a CD again. I’ve gone totally digital over the last year even though I still buy CDs. I usually only put tracks that are not attached to already released projects and singles from up coming projects that haven’t been released yet. I’m sure there are enough loose singles like that from last year up until now. I usually only put tracks that were released in the same year I was making the mix but since I didn’t make one last year, I’ll make the exception of grabbing songs from last year, so long as they are still not attached to any already released project. I like to keep the mix exclusive plus it kind of gives a preview of what’s to come. I’m not going to front there’s been kind of a lull with releases lately but that’s mostly due to my lack of time to dig which is pretty much the only way I can find music that I like. Anyway, I’ll post the tracklist of the mix here when I’m done if anyone cares.

I’m feeling the new Sufjan


Really liking this new album. Way better than Invaders Must Die IMO.

Also, that new Lapalux album is available to stream and what I’ve heard so far has been crazy.


I’ve also yet to dig in properly to the new Sonnymoon album..


So that mixCD I said I would put together is turning in to a mix digital playlist. Man CDs are really dead aren’t they. Now I know how cats who transitioned away from vinyl felt.

Anyway there were a lot of singles that dropped between now and last year. I’m going to just post a list of them. Will do that later but first I want to mention that the most creative album of 2014 is having it’s instrumentals released next week.

That album is “Cruel Fuel” by Seez Mics. He’s releasing a 7” of the album and it comes with a code for a digital download of the album. This is pretty epic. That album was mostly produced by mouth by beatbox extraordinaire Max Bent. The 7” which also comes with album instrumental downloads will be sold at his upcoming shows with Sage Francis in the next couple of days and will be up for purchase online on April 6th.


Another album to look out for next week is Ceschi’s “Broken Bone Ballads”. It’s fully produced by Factor.


Drops April 7th

Here’s the tracklist:

01. Choke Parade
02. Say Something
03. Forever 33
04. This Won’t Last Forever
05. Bite Through Stone
06. Beauty For Bosses
07. Beyond The End
08. Elm City Ballads
09. Kurzweil (feat. David Ramos,iCON The Mic King, Shoshin)
10. Rowing In Circles
11. One Hundred Dragonflies
12. Barely Alive (feat. Sage Francis)

Some singles you should check out if you haven’t already.

Here is the first single from the upcoming Adam and Cuth album. Cuth is a really dope producer. He has really dope soulful samples and he seems to bring the best out of rappers. Check this out.


Adam and Cuth - “The Look Up”

bandcamp: adamandcuth

Here’s a lost track (no pun intended) by Grizzly Grimace titled “Love Lost”. It’s an unreleased track from the “Love Thug” EP which if you haven’t heard stop sleeping, it dropped a few years ago.


Grizzly Grimace - “Love Lost”

soundcloud: grizzlygrimace

Also while your’re checking out that grizzly grimace song, also check out his song with rapper Oddy Gato titled “Vs Donnie Wahlberg. He favorite it but it’s on the subbombin soundcloud page. There’s a video for the song too. It’s the first single off their upcoming “While You Were Sleeping” album that is dropping soon. Also check out Grizzly Grimace’s song “Inhale” which is on his soundcloud page.

Son Little has a new song titled “O Mother”. It’s on his record label’s soundcloud page. Check it out.


soundcloud: antirecords

Molly Dean of Moon and Pollution has a song that released not too long ago too titled “Autumn Sky”


soundcloud: molly-dean-music

This song from the band The Skins is dope.


The Skins - “Kiss Me”

bandcamp: theskinsband

Giant Gorilla Dog Thing (Dezmatic and Dood Computer) song that dropped late last year. Welcome in the Spring weather with this song.


Giant Gorilla Dog Thing & Benn Grim - “Fuck Snow”

Also mentioned this new Dezmatic project of 2 songs:


Nobody Likes A Racist

Bandcamp: nobodylikesaracist

Not sure if this band (Kodiak Fur) is still making music but last year they dropped a few songs. Check out their soundcloud page: kodiakfur

@Peace bonus song that dropped in promotion of their last album getting released on vinyl. The group broke up recently. Tom Scott is one of this best rappers out. But this is just a really chilled out song. There are also some remixes of some of the songs off their last album on their soundcloud page: at-peace


@Peace - “Where I Come From”

bandcamp: at-peace
soundcloud: younggiftedandbroke

Also looking forward to a new album from Melody’s Echo Chamber. Check out her latest song “Shirim” on youtube.


Just mentioned this new Terra Lopez song earlier this year. In case you missed it.

Terra Lopez of Sister Crayon absolutely kills this new song. I can’t wait for the new Sister Crayon album.


Running Off (feat Terra Lopez of Sister Crayon)

by Tammer

Bandcamp: fakefour

Actually this is the first single of a group that Terra Lopez is in with Luckyiam so that might mean there’s an album in the works for this too, in addition to a new Sister Crayon album this year. The beat on this Running Off song is dope too and Luckyiam does his thing on here although I’ve always slept on him, need to check out his stuff.

Also mentioned this new Kotomi song and it’s amazing.

My girl Kotomi has a new single out. She blew me away with her album last year: “Over Our Heads”. The track “Simple & Sweet” is a must listen from that album. Check out her new single that dropped today.


Kotomi - “The Last Time”

Bandcamp: kotomi
Soundcloud: kotomi

Kotomi will be dropping a new single on the first Tuesday of every month this year. Nice.

Also check out her latest song “Sober For the Weekend”.


Revisited this Tonedeff & M83 “Holograms Remix”. Very Dope.


Here’s a list of some more songs and where you can find them:

I Know Leopard - “Perfect Picture”
soundcloud: iknowleopard

Eric Mayson - “Isolation” and “Capital”
soundcloud: eric-mayson

Jenny Broke the Window - “We Could’ve Done This Grant”
soundcloud: jennybrokethewindow

Figure - “Destiny Awaits”, “MOP Ante Up Remix”, “Paper Trail”, “We Are Ready”
soundcloud: figure

Camp Dark - “Charlie”
soundcloud: camp-dark-1

Rare Monk - “Splice”
soundcloud: raremonk
bandcamp: raremonk

Lewis - “Hunter” and “Low”
soundcloud: itslewislane

That’s about it. Some tracks from last year on here. It’s throwback Thursday so it’s cool.

Just realized The Cancel dropped a new project last month.


The Cancel - “No Way To Stay”

Bandcamp: thecancelmusic
Soundcloud: thecancel

This dude is too dope. Dude should be called The Sample not The Cancel because man! His samples are dope.

Seez Mics released the instrumentals to his outstandingly creative album “Cruel Fuel”. Max Bent produced most of these beats by mouth. Mad dope. I should also mention that these instrumentals come free digitally with the purchase of the Cruel Fuel 7” vinyl which is also available on Seez Mics’ bandcamp page.


Seez Mics - “Cruel Fuel Instrumentals”

bandcamp: seezmics

Also Ceschi’s new album fully produced by Factor dropped today. Good Music plus features 2 of my favorites: iCON the Mic King and Sage Francis. Ceschi also a favorite. David and Shoshin do their thing too. Loved the Hangman song on Ceschi’s last album (One Man Band Broke Up) so I was really looking forward to this Kurzweil song. It’s dope. The album is dope. Check it out.


Ceschi - “Broken Bone Ballads”

bandcamp: fakefour

Also these Child Actor remixes dropped. Features a BSBD remix. I know there are some fans of BSBD here. I had to get used to the change in Child Actor from Sedgie Ogilvey to Natalie Plaza (sorry Natalie, you had some big shoes to fill) but sometime when the album dropped I just found the album very entertaining. I liked it when I accepted it for what it was.


Child Actor - “Never Die Remixes”

bandcamp: chldactr

New song by Kotomi. She’s releasing a new song every first Tuesday of each month this year.


Kotomi - “Please (Say You Never Will)”

Bandcamp: kotomi
Soundcloud: kotomi

New Toro y Moi

If you liked his Freaking Out EP, this is that in full-length form with a lot of guitar, so not quite the same sound. Fresh though. I wasn’t sold when I only heard the first single.

This band I came across a few years ago named Cheers Elephant has a new song. There’s a video for the new song on YouTube also.


Cheers Elephant - “Speak Think”

Bandcamp: cheerselephant
Soundcloud: cheerselephant

Vagabond Marcus- The Dragon who Devoured the Moon

Vagabond Maurice- The Dragon who Devoured the Moon

Bandcamp: vagabondmaurice
Soundcloud: vagabond-maurice

Ceschi’s new album is fantastic. As a fan, it really exceeded my expectations, which were high to begin with. All the tracks all kind of have a different style, they are all really unique from each other, which makes for a really engaging album. Highly recommend

This new James Gardin album is kind of dope. Dude has a good ear for beats and puts them to pretty good use. I first came across him with the project he had produced by Trebles & Blues last year.


James Gardin & KuroiOto - “Living Daylights”

Soundcloud: jamesgardin

Thanks to Tom Scott of @Peace & Homebrew for this recommendation. Girl has a beautiful voice and production is nice.


Esther Stephens & The Means - “Esther Stephens & The Means”

Bandcamp: estherstephensandthemeans
Soundcloud: estherstephens_themeans

yo numonic how does the new ceschi compare to his preview albums?

which album of his is your favorite?

SCRATCHINlikeDJS said:yo numonic how does the new ceschi compare to his preview albums?

which album of his is your favorite?

I kind of got up on Ceschi late, around the time his album before this new one came out. I think I knew of Ceschi before then but I wasn’t always a fan, I guess I was sleeping on him before the One Man Band album. The One Man Band Broke Up album is the album that made me really notice Ceschi. I think on big part due to DJ Scientist’s production on it and I really liked the concept of the album plus Ceschi and others on the album ripped it.

I have to give his new album BBB more listens but I really like itit. I’m not going to front I’ve been a little low on cash lately so I haven’t bought the BBB album yet, just streaming it but I will buy it as soon as I can. The One Man Band Broke Up album is one of the best albums I’ve ever heard.

I have his Forgotten Forever album also which only a select few people have. I like it too.

Even up to today I never really got in to Ceschi’s first couple of albums. I might be still kind of sleeping on them. I have them all when I purchased the FakeFour catalog last year that included the exclusive Forgotten Forever album. That DJ Moniklez 3 series Ceschi mixtape a couple years ago woke me up to some dope Ceschi songs.

My favorite album by Ceschi has always been One Man Band but I have to give BBB more listens and also his first couple of albums.

Yeah I’ve been sleeping on ceschi like crazy. I’ve known about him ever since Sadistik joined Fake Four, but I’ve never listened to an album.

I think I’ll check out one man band before this new album.

I need to make a correction. I said I liked the One Man Band Broke Up Album in big part to DJ Scientist’s production but I forgot how much producing Ceschi actually did on that album. All the instruments he played on it, amazing. You can see the list on the bandcamp page of the album.

ScratchinLikedjs I think you should definitely check out Ceschi’s new album especially since I think you are a fan of the producer Factor. Fun Fact: I actually knew of Factor well before he was on Fake Four. I remember some compilations with rappers on his beats he used to put out.

The BBB album is outstanding, it’s early but I might put it above One Man Band if not at the same level, but it’s way too early to say. It’s a really dope album.

In other news that Esther Stephens album is on crazy repeat. Very dope.

New project produced by Son Little and the artist sounds dope. The name is Mavis Staples. Apparently Mavis Staples is a legend, sorry for my ignorance although the name sounds a little familiar.


Mavis Staples - “Your Good Fortune”

Bandcamp: mavisstaples
Soundcloud: antirecords

Mavis Staples is.releasing a 4 song EP produced by Son Little on April 21st and you can stream the EP in it’s entirety now at the consequence of sound website or you can listen to the title track on the record label’s Soundcloud page: antirecords. I’ve only heard the title track but if you like Son Little’s music, you’ll like Mavis Staples.

Speaking of Son Little I found his “Things I Forgot” CD on Amazon and purchased it. I think it is not sold in the states so it’s imported.

Here’s a picture I took of it:


Bandcamp: sonlittle

Amazing musician.

I ended up checking out Ceschi’s new album… wasn’t feelin it. He’s just not for me I think.

I’ve been playing Red Pill’s album Look What This World Did To Us. Lovin it.

Fake Four Inc. shits on Mello Music Group, lol, just kidding. To each his own. No one understands that more than I do. By the way Red Pill is featured on that James Gardin album I mentioned earlier.

Anyone know anything about the “Matthew from Amsterdam” Good English release Kokayi is executive producing (?) set to drop on 4/29. The Amazon page for the release has its genre as “New Age” but couldn’t find any soundcloud or other stuff from the artist.