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General Discussion Music in 2015

Numonic said:Fake Four Inc. shits on Mello Music Group, lol, just kidding. To each his own. No one understands that more than I do. By the way Red Pill is featured on that James Gardin album I mentioned earlier.

I’d definitely say the opposite so we’ll stick with to each his own haha.

I’ll check that track out, thanks.

my $0.02 as someone who has bought albums from multiple artists on both labels,
i think mello vs fake four comes down to whether as a generalization ‘true school/boom bap’ or ‘indie/alt rap’ appeals to you more…apples & oranges. both of em are putting out more good stuff than i can really keep up with. that being said, i definitely don’t think you can say anyone is shitting on a label thats putting out these new oddisee songs, petestrumentals 2, that new mike eagle ep, etc

I was totally joking. I don’t actually agree with what I said. Both labels have quality music. That being said, I do favor Fake Four more.

That new Ceschi album is amazing.

Speaking of Ceschi, I’d like to thank him for he’s the reason that I know about the producer 2econd Class Citizen who by the way just got the test press for his new album titled “Hall of Mirrors”. He’s an amazing producer. He used to be on a record label with Ceschi and DJ Scientist known as Equinox. I have his Small Minority album on CD. Amazing album. His new album “Hall of Mirrors” should be out soon. In the meantime here is a new release from him:


2econd Class Citizen - “Old Folk Wine”

Bandcamp: 2econdclasscitizen
Soundcloud: 2econdclasscitizen

He also has a new website: 2econdclasscitizen dot com

Description of the Old Folk Wine EP:

” Here is a small project i have started re editing some old acid folk works. My first experiment here is with a track called Lord & Master by a band called “Heron”. The simple lyrics about nature and the changing seasons combined with the charming melodies really struck a chord with me when I first heard it. Please take a minute to listen to the original if you can… I have added some drums, bass and a few edits… Feel free to download it and maybe go for a walk in the woods Wink


Speaking of Mello Music, if you want a copy of Petestrumentals Vol. 1 then I’d get it soon. Pretty hard to find and only going to get more rare with Vol. 2 coming out.

Kodiak Fur has a new song up on their soundcloud page called “GAMESS”.

Soundcloud: kodiakfur

The new Ceschi album is fantastic. Had it on repeat all of yesterday. He’s someone who truly understands that “Hip Hop” is an all-encompassing aesthetic that can be applied to any genre, and still maintain the core of whatever it blends into. He gets it.

The first 5 song pass is absolutely epic, (Especially the transition between “Forever 33” and “This Won’t Last Forever” - instant goosebumps).. Quality stuff. My favorite album I’ve heard so far this year.

I’ve been wearing a fake four hoodie with the logo for the past year since I got it from that “Free Ceschi” kickstarter, without ever realizing until this morning that the logo is four fingers because Ceschi…actually only has four fingers on his right hand.

*mind blown*

The more you know.

Wellp, just ordered the Ceschi lol

Marcus D released the instrumentals for ‘The Lone Wolf LP’ on his bandcamp yesterday. Lovin’ it.

Checking out the L’Orange & Jeremiah Jae record ‘The Night Took Us In Like Family’ that just came out today. Four tracks in and I’m loving the production and vocals, will probably have to listen a few times before I have a real opinion on Jeremiah Jae since this is the first record from him I’m hearing.

I am liking the new Tyler, The Creator album, has a strong Neptunes/N.E.R.D. influence but still keeps the OFWGKTA sound going. I think he takes a step forward as a rapper on this one too, which may not be saying much. It is enjoyable to me.

The Ceschi album is excellent though, now having given it a few playthroughs.

Also, did anyone make it to Record Store Day this year? The only store carrying vinyl in about a 30-40 mile radius is down the street from my apartment, so I was there at opening and picked up some nice gems!


Kublakai ‘Wheels Up’—Free download on bandcamp page.

bandcamp: kublakai
soundcloud: kublakai

If you’re in the U.K. I kind of envy you in May. This dope producer Cuth is dropping an album with a U.K. Rapper named Adam and they’re doing a few shows in which they’ll have early copies of their new album “Formwork”.

” The Formwork CDs will be with us soon. If you’re coming to one of our upcoming shows you’ll be able to buy a super early pre-release copy of the new album. Exciting!”

Here are the tour dates and spots:


And I mentioned it before but you can hear their first single off the new album on their bandcamp page.


Adam & Cuth - “The Look Up”

Bandcamp: adamandcuth

Speaking of albums premiering at shows, I also envy those in San Fancisco, CA in early May because Fake Four Inc’s Sister Crayon is performing their upcoming album in it’s entirety.

Here’s the tweet from Sister Crayon:

“@SisterCrayon: May 8 2015- we will debut the album live in entirety - Brick & Mortar Music Hall - SF”


this album right here is fuckin killer….

L’Orange & Jeremiah Jae - The Night Took Us In Like Family

Only two spins in, but godddd daaaayum. Beats spectacular, rhymes flames.

aoty contender for sure

C-Rayz Walz has a new album dropping Tuesday April 28th.



C-Rayz Walz - “The Kangol Kid”

bandcamp: crayzwalz

So looking forward to this. Been a fan forever.

Listened to the new L’Orange and Jeremiah Jae and the production is crazy dope. Rhymes aren’t doing much for me though. Hadn’t heard any new Gift of Gab in a while, but he’s probably dropped some stuff in the last few years, I’ve just been sleeping since his 4th Dimensional Rocketships Going Up album (can’t believe I remember the name of that album, didn’t have to look it up). Actually I know he dropped an album after that but I wasn’t really feeling it, and I think I remember reading he recently as a couple years ago dropped an album, slept on it and haven’t heard his latest stuff. It was kind of cool to hear him on this L’Orange and Jeremiah Jae album but I’ve heard better from him. Jeremiah Jae just doesn’t do anything for me really. No ones asking me to like him, I’m just saying. To each his own. I need the instrumentals to this album though.

Last week’s record store day pickups:




So gewd.

This might be rock album of the year, not out yet but the 3 songs so far are riffing dope.


The Casanovas - “Terra Casanova”

You can listen to 3 tracks from the album on their soundcloud page. Soundcloud: thecasanovas

Album drops May 15th

Few tracks in and this album seems promising. But this track “Don’t wanna fight” reminds me of that episode of Martin when he was fighting boxer Tommy “Hitman” Herns and got uppercutted in to the wall and was saying “I don’t want to fight no more” to Gina. Lol.


Alabama Shakes - “Sound & Color”

So far the only place I found to stream the album is on Spotify but there are a couple of tracks including the one I mentioned up on Youtube.


bandcamp: jsoulmusic

On a day when reading the updates from friends in Baltimore is rough—JSOUL’s stuff, and particularly the song ‘No Justice, No Peace’, is helping a little bit. Just released. Substantial’s verse is dope and Mathematics stuff is cool too. Give it a spin.

awh you got that stripes trashman!!

I grabbed that E&A as well. Also got…..




This one has Grandmaster Flash - The Message on one side, and Stiff Little Fingers doing a punk rock cover of it on the other. Really cool 7”.

^ Very nice!! You’re from Philly, if I’m not mistaken, what store did you go to?

My store isn’t really known for hip-hop so I was happy to even get Wu and the E&A. Either they had no Dilla & RTJ or they were sold out by the time I got up to the RSD crates (about 10th in line), but I definitely wanted those ones. The KMD 2CD set was another one I wanted but didn’t see. I didn’t see that Technique album either.

I had that Message 7” and the Black Star in my hand but I had to put some things back due to the cries of my wallet LOL. I still want to hear that cover by Stiff Little Fingers.

All in all, an awesome day and I’m going back with more money next year!!!

nah I’m in southern Indiana.

I had to do my RSD online this year. I copped all but the E&A from ughh as soon as they went live. All of the leftovers they posted were gone in like 10 min. The E&A is still available on Fifth Element Online.

I would’ve loved to grab either the Dilla or Black Star but they were really expensive for what they were. I have a hard time paying over $15 for a 7” even if it’s shaped and colored or whatever.

Like I said, I haven’t been keeping up with Gift of Gab over the last several years so I’m not sure if he’s been releasing music but I guess that feature on the L’Orange & Jeremiah Jae album was a small reintroduction because I just saw that Blackalicious is dropping a new album. They have a pledgemusic page for it.

I really like when DJ Scientist puts together these funky mixes. Here’s a new mix. I don’t understand the words but the music is really dope.


DJ Scientist - “Keine Musik fur Niemand”

Soundcloud: djscientist

“Keine Musik für Niemand” is a special full power funky rock set covering the indespensable, indisputable, yet overlooked “Agit-” and Polit-Rock genre with tracks by Lokomotive Kreuzberg, Fasia, Oktoberklub, M.E.K. Bilk, Ihre Kinder, and many others. The mix covers music from the 70s up to the early 80s, full of heavy breaks, undiscovered Krautrock gems and more.

The cover is a remake of the über-classic Ton Steine Scherben “Keine Macht für Niemand” (“No Power for Nobody”) album artwork. I changed the title to “Keine Musik für Niemand” (No Music for Nobody) stating that most of the songs remained totally underground and spread only in the left wing radical scene – being too offensive and strange for most “normal” people.”

Also was listening to this new album by Kasami Washington a couple days ago, it’s called “The Epic” and it’s streaming on NPR.


Kasami Washington - “The Epic”

“The Epic is the title of the new recording from 34-year-old saxophonist and composer Kamasi Washington, a musician you may have heard but not heard of. That’s his horn all over the newest releases by fellow Southern Californians Kendrick Lamar and Flying Lotus. (The Epic is being issued by Brainfeeder, the record label Lotus co-founded.) Washington has toured with Snoop Dogg, Raphael Saadiq and Chaka Khan; his jazz credentials include work with elders like Gerald Wilson, Stanley Clarke and Kenny Burrell. The singing electric bassist Thundercat (Stephen Bruner) and his brother, drummer Ronald Bruner Jr., are lifelong friends; in fact, Washington has known most of his bandmates since high school in in South Central Los Angeles.” - NPR

Really hype for a new Sister Crayon album. Their album ‘Bellow’ never really sticks with me when I try to listen, but I feel like the Cynic EP has become one of my favorite EPs over the past couple years…All 5 songs on it are amazing to me. “Other” never gets old to me, i must’ve listened to it 100+ times.

Word, to what you said Amplifya.

Here’s a pretty dope project I just came across through Tom Scott of @Peace.


Amin Payne - “SAFFRON”

Bandcamp: aminpayne
Soundcloud: amin-payne

” Come on a nostalgic journey of exotic Eastern sounds resonating with my early childhood in Iran and ever growing inspiration from neighboring lands of Turkey, India and the Arab Nations. This is my way of celebrating and sharing the rich history, poetry and beautiful sounds often ignored by mass media. (زعفران)”

I just want to add that this Saffron project is really worth a couple of listens. My wife (and my newborn son who decided to be all born and interrupt my attendance at the livestream…comeon kid, get your priorities right) is Turkish so I am into their music for a couple of years. And the mixes here are quite innovative. He takes Turkish music and really messes with it to put it in a new context. Worth some listens for a very creative project.

Revision said:I just want to add that this Saffron project is really worth a couple of listens. My wife (and my newborn son who decided to be all born and interrupt my attendance at the livestream…comeon kid, get your priorities right) is Turkish so I am into their music for a couple of years. And the mixes here are quite innovative. He takes Turkish music and really messes with it to put it in a new context. Worth some listens for a very creative project.

Hey congrats on the new born! Hope he’s healthy. Yeah that Saffron project is dope.

My girl Kotomi is continuing on with her new single every first Tuesday of the month with her new song “Swimming”


Kotomi - “Swimming”

Bandcamp: kotomi
Soundcloud: kotomi

Also Cryptic One just released the 8th volume of his Crypstramentals series and volume 9 and 10 are dropping May 9th and May 10th respectively.


Crypstramentals Volume 8 - Pre​-​Atoms 1990​-​1994 

by Cryptic One

Bandcamp: crypticone

” This is a collection of old instrumentals that I found on cassette that I did between the years of 1990-1994, the era I call “pre-atoms”. The majority of these beats went unused and this is the first time any of them have been released in any official capacity. I did my best to clean these up during the remastering, but many of these tracks never received a proper mix, so I did the best I could with what I found on the cassettes.”


Also like I said I envy those in the UK, ya’ll can get an early copy of the new Adam & Cuth CD at their shows today and the next couple of days. Cuth is such a dope producer and I think emcees actually rhyme better over his beats. I was tempted to ask anyone here in the UK to hit the show up and buy an early copy to ship to me of course I’d pay you, but anyway the album is bring released in late June. Here’s a picture of the CD:


I want.

I also want to make a note to self to keep an ear open for this rapper named Seth Sentry. He has some potential from what I heard but not fully sold yet. He has a new project dropping in June.

Also I’ve been listening to @Peace’s Plutonian Noise Symphony album the last few days, definitely one of the best from last year. You can listen to their live performance: @Peace live at the Montecristo Room on the radionz website.