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Tonedeff Tone the Rapimator: Comic & Rap

I wrote this idea/comment initially as a response to the Tonedeff Interview @ People I Think Are Cool Podcast. But I’m quite excited about it so I decided to post it here. In my enthusiasm it’s sorta directed at Tone straightly. But what do we all think? Combining a comic character with rapping? How could it be combined etc?

“Lately I’ve been sorta addicted to the whole Batman story and concept of the wound being the place where the light comes through (a Rumi reference that is).

Tone, seriously, what if you would invent a new timeless character whose story people can relate to, who then becomes a super hero in some respect or form. If you’d pair it with rap and sung songs I’m pretty sure it could blow the hell up. How’s about it?

I feel in Polymer you’re already venturing into the process of depicting personality in a deep psychological way. It’s powerful cus it’s relatable. We’re looking for music that accompanies us through life I’d say.”