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General Discussion The Walking Dead (Comic)

So I know there’s a lot of fans here, thought I’d make a separate thread..

I just caught up to date and have to say that this is the most interested I’ve been in the comic in ages. Issue 127 really reinvigorated the series for me after I was starting to feel like it had run out of ideas. I wasn’t sure how they were going to amp up the drama again without repeating previous story lines but it really seems like it’s coming. It feels fresh again.

I’v only read it in trade form so I’m not completely current, but yeah it does seem to be picking up again. I’m wondering if they will ever be able to establish a stable society.

I feel like the characters I connected most with in that book are long gone, then other characters I wish they would just put out of their misery. The new characters haven’t been as appealing to me. The book kinda seemed to lose its soul with the show being so big. I think Kirkman has really been tapped out for a while now, but the product has never been bad. It could just be me.

I think with a more stable society they could do some really original things and maybe try spin-offs. For instance, a futuristic spin-off in that universe that doesn’t revolve around the zombie apocalypse. With all that said, I am still continuing with the comic and would recommend it to anyone.

P.S. It’s crazy that I’ve been reading for going on 12 years now. Hard to talk about the book without spoilers

[Mild spoilers up to issue 137]

I actually really like the arcs where there isn’t too much death and disaster as it all starts to feel cheap after a while, which I thought hit it’s apex on Glenn in issue 100. I like the general progression of the characters living in the wild forced to do terrible things moving into a civilised society and re-building. I don’t want to see it all crumble down again and watch them on the road - it’s been milked for all it’s worth.

It feels like it’s shifted genres slightly and things that were once of the most paramount importance are not anymore. For example, I’m sure Rick will come back into central focus at some point but I kinda like watching it with him as a part-role, as a war hero, a celebrity - it reminds me of the journey we’ve seen them on.

I’m digging post-AOW more and more. I don’t wanna spoil anything, but there’s definitely an interesting threat or two (three?) on the horizon. It’s difficult at this point (137) to know where exactly things are going to go - maybe none if these things will actually be threats, but if you check the upcoming covers (which they’ve just revealed up to 141) then there’s definitely some interesting stuff coming into play with this upcoming arc (139-144) that it seems they’ve been building to since 127.

I’m also pretty much someone who, at this point, feels Kirkman can do no wrong… at least with this particular comic and medium. No complaints.

#137 and 138 tho.

And next week…


I’m giddy.

Just pre-ordered the next volume of the trade. Starting to pick up again, but I’ve heard its been getting pretty crazy.