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General Discussion Need help formatting a word document

Hey guys I need help formatting a word document.

I checked enable all macros and even have “unrestricted access” in the Protect Document tab checked and it’s still not allowing me to format this document.

The link to the document I need formatted is:

The original document only allows about a third of the space on the page for the “Purpose” and ” Specifications of what will be done to or for participants” section and I need about 3 pages worth of space for those two sections each. What I need is 2 to 3 pages worth of space for the “Purpose” and “Specifications of what will be done to or for participants” section which is in the Abstract section which is Part C and on page 4. Can someone reformat the document to expand those 2 sections and then post the link to the reformatted document here. It would be much appreciated if you could get this posted by tomorrow Wednesday 2/25/15. Thank You.

I may have figured it out. You won’t be able to just copy and paste into one box and have it go through all 3 boxes/pages beneath “Purpose” for example, but just cut whatever you have into 3 pieces and paste them into each box.

Thanks I’ll give it a try.

just quickly checked this during my lunch break. if that didn’t work, try this:

did it quick, didn’t make the changes but it’s a fully edittable version of that file. (I’m a typesetter by day…) cheers!

(let me know if you don’t need it…)

Edit: can try to make the changes after work if you still need the help, just let me know

Re-edit: (slow afternoon at the office) I don’t think you need to format it per say, those boxes are tables so go to “table properties->row” and make sure row height is set to “at least” and not “exactly”, and that “allow to break across pages” is checked, you should be able to type as much as you want and have the boxes carry over. let me know if/when you don’t need the file so i can delete the link. cheers!

Thank you. I ended up not even using the expanded space and instead summarizing my writing to fit the space on the original document. The summary is what they want I was told.