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General Discussion The memory space on my phone mysteriously disappearing and reappearing.

First of all let me preface this with the fact that I have an old phone in today’s standards. I have a Samsung Galaxy S 2. The S6 is about to drop.

So I like to use my phone to listen to music on my google cloud which means it shouldn’t take space on the phone since it’s a cloud I operate through my laptop. Lately I noticed space on my phone mysteriously disappeared. Over 100MB just vanished from my available space without explanation. This happened within hours yesterday. I didn’t add anything to the phone at the time, just played music on my phone through the google player. Today I deleted some files and freed up some space. Something weird is happening though and maybe it’s just a delayed register on my phone but after I deleted the files my available space increased, then I leave my phone for some time, then come back to it to play some music and the available space doubled. It’s currently at that doubled available size right now and I’m happy for that but I’m wondering why the available space is moving like that, seems delayed or something. Maybe that’s all that it is: a delayed register. Taking longer to calculate the actual available space. I hope there is not some mysterious program/virus on my phone eating up space. I don’t download any programs on my phone, just use it for some documents, music and calls and texts and web browsing/twitter as I’m doing now. I’ll continue to monitor the available space and look for any anomolies.

Edit: It’s doing it. My is loosing and gaining a few MB, just operating my google music player. Is that normal? Just lost 10MB playing 2 songs. Edit: now it lost 6 more MB. So that’s 16MB for 2 songs playing. It seems the longer I use the google music player the more available space I loose until it gives me the message that I don’t have any more space to be able to play music.

Edit: okay I think the availble space stopped shrinking even though I’m still playing music on the google player. Weird. I think I’ll be ok.

Crap! It’s happening again. I lost over 100MB just over the last few hours without downloading anything. I think streaming the music on my google player is the culprit but I don’t understand why I should loose available space just for streaming music from a cloud service. Maybe i should update the player. I assume it’s the player because the available space only decreases when I play music, not when I surf the web, or operate other programs on my phone. Just the google player.

Edit: this is mad weird, so the memory returned. It seems using the google player causes my available space to shrink, but when I let the phone rest, the lost space returns. Anyway, I guess, I’ll try to manage.