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General Discussion Anyone converted to A=432?

So I’m reading about Prince cause Prince rocks and found that he’s a big adherent in adjusting music frequency from A=440 to A=432. There’s some wacky stuff out there about this change curing cancer and being divine and stuff…cool. So I converted a few copies of songs to A=432 and checked them out. Gotta admit that I dug CL’s Shattered Dreams on 432, but nothing else really stood out (and it didn’t solve any of my impotence issues…comeon music, step up!).

Anyone else converted? Liked it? Went back to 440? Anyone converted their whole digital library? Any producers or artists like producing in 432?

I have no idea what’s going on. I love music but outside of file formats and different kbps qualities, I am technically challenged.

Hmm Intriguing, never looked into this before.

So by converting the song to 432 you’re basically just shifting the pitch of everything by 2Hz? Or just A notes?

Anyone interested in seeing if you hear a difference, check out:

Epic Aesthetic-it shifts everything. Here’s the adjusted scale:

I suspect it is nonsense, but interested in those with more musical technical background than houstonz and I (who appear to be equal).

The theory is that in music we define the A note as sound measured at 440 Hz while some people think it should be 432 Hz. Changing A would effectively change every other note under it as well.

Basically people think we should change the standard so that it can heal people? I mean personally it sounds crazy but its still worth a shot LOL.