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WHOA! My debut album ARCHETYPE dropped 10 years ago this week! Written, Produced, Mixed, Mastered by me - it was an immense undertaking, but I did it. Thanks to everyone who supported this release over the years and rocked with me at the shows.

The perception of this LP has changed over the years, as it was met with resistance because of the heavy use of singing/synths/melody, but a lot of what I did on that record are now in vogue and I’m proud of the chances I took then. It was necessary for my growth and I’m still growing.

SO MUCH has changed in my life since then, yet I remain fixated on pushing myself creatively at all costs. On the eve of my second album, Polymer, I’m anticipating more of the same, but this time, I’ll know to keep trusting my gut. Thanks again for all the love. Y’all are the bestest.

- Tonedeff

I’m happy I was able to snag a cd last year, now hoping to score the vinyl at some point. Phenomenal album.

It’s been my favourite hip-hop album for a decade, yet it’s still incredible to me to think about how far Tonedeff music has come since then.

Tonedeff said:The perception of this LP has changed over the years, as it was met with resistance because of the heavy use of singing/synths/melody, but a lot of what I did on that record are now in vogue and I’m proud of the chances I took then.

Truer statements have never been made. Good hip hop for a number of years seemed to me to be trying to recreate what Tone did on Archetype. When listening to great albums, I would often get the feeling of listening to Archetype that first time. One of the great albums man. Thanks for it, cheers.

This album came out just before my 11th birthday. I’ll be turning 21 the 22nd of this month so it really does feel like those 10 years just flew by. Not to piggyback off of what Timo said, but this is also one of my all time favorite albums and it really does make me think about how much hes grown since then. Like if this is how good he could make an album in 2005.. I cant imagine how good he can make an album in 2015.

Man, I have so many memories tied to these songs from about 2005-2010 where I really heavily listened to this album. As much as I love it and hail it as a classic, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t absolutely ready for Polymer.

Oh, and that first verse of Archetype will always be one of my favorite Tonedeff verses. Too dope.

Edit: Was just listening to the album, and that line on Disappointed “I send one off and I get one back like Netflix” shows its age a little. haha

Archetype and Archetexture fundamentally changed the way that I thought about and appreciated music—for the better. This album introduced to me the very concept of 100% self-sufficient artistry and musicianship, the notion of artist-as-auteur. Tone single-handedly transformed me from a passive listener to an active listener, and that’s something I carry with me to this day.

Archetype gave me an appreciation for craftsmanship and intention in every step of the process. Every instrument, sample, melody, drone, lyric, and vocal recording was there for a reason. Beyond that, every song oozed with passion and honesty. Listening to this record allowed you to catch a glimpse into who Tonedeff was a person: what he cared about, his sense of humor, and his aspirations as not only a career musician but an artist.

The music has only gotten to become more stylistically challenging, more conceptually rich, and more honest since then. The amount of evolution we’ve heard to date via Polymer I - III has been staggering. But if you think about it, Gathered. In. Fucking. 2005. Was like the prelude…the thesis statement…underlying everything that’s followed since then.

Just when you think that there is nothing in the world to see, just know there is something around the corner. You don’t have to be afraid anymore.

Words can’t express it, man. This sounds borderline hyperbolic, but I am so, so grateful that this album came into my life when it did. Shit changed my world. So congrats on ten years Tone! We’re waiting on the next one with bated breath.

I still remember listening to this album for the first time back in 2005. I was about to graduate High School and decide what I wanted to do with my life so this album will always hold a special place in my heart.

It was the freshest album I’ve ever heard and it’s only gotten better with age. Many great hip hop albums have dropped in this last decade but archetype is still a monolith in comparison.

i remember slamming mad college pussy to this album… certain tracks obv.

but aside from that, not a day goes by where this album doesn’t enter my brain one way or the other. Every song has a deep tie with me. I was ready to drop out of college and say fuck it, but didn’t. This album was rocking all day when i was balancing what to do with my life, so to say it didn’t have a subconscious impact would be bullshit. Regardless, a flawless album that i think withstands the test of time despite Tone exponentially growing as an artist.