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General Discussion Favourite Songs of All Time?

So I’ve been going down a musical-nostalgia trip recently, re-living my youth through memorable songs and albums which led me to a very distressing realisation.. I don’t listen to music anywhere near as much as I used to.

It’s sad because I fondly remember tucking myself in to bed every night as a teen, lights off and headphones on, telling myself that whatever happened in my life, no matter how shitty my day was, that I always had music.. it was my happy place where nothing else mattered. But honestly those days are far removed and for whatever reason, it’s all just passed me by. Whilst I generally keep up-to-date with my favourite artists in the year, I rarely ever come across music that impacts me on a deeply personal level anymore.

So, I wanted to both share and enquire about those special songs in our lives. Not just good songs, not just great ones, but the kind that transcend time and meaning, that make you feel something in a way that nothing else can - and why.

Deftones - Knife Party

It’s no secret that Deftones are my favourite band of all time. They are the personification of everything I love about their genre as well as music as a whole. I love their variety, their ability to switch styles or tones, how they can cover a variety of subject matters and how Chino is probably my favourite male singer of all time. But even though I could detail their many strengths for days, the truth is something about them is inexplainable. They simply do not sound like anyone else.

Knife Party taps into that old mind-state of mine, sitting in a dark room with headphones on, trying to escape from the world. The tone is dark and cold, with a guitar riff that sits somewhere between melancholic and bittersweet, occasionally distorting into sad and angry. It pours emotion over me and sends me into a semi-depressive trance every time, lonely but cathartic.

Chino’s odd vocal delivery blends with this atmosphere, effortlessly detailing a masochistic secret society (ala eyes wide shut), where people go to get a kick out of cutting each other up. It might sound a bit emo, but it’s not about self-harm or craving attention, it’s actually much darker than that.

The song hits it’s apex during a lengthy breakdown halfway through the song. We are introduced to a new voice (Rodleen Getsic), a woman who’s shrieks allude to a semi-sexual thrill whilst being physically cut open. As the musical elements are added and intensify, so do her squeals, which as she increasingly takes more wounds transition poignantly from thrill to agony to intense suffering. Her voice becomes so shrill that it sends shivers up your spine, more horrific than any movie you can think of and disturbingly authentic.

All the while Chino nonchalantly gasps “I can float here forever” over the top. It’s one of those few moments in music that gets me every time, indescribably haunting and somehow strangely beautiful. Definitely not one for the convertible on a sunny day, but a very powerful and special song that I can’t ever forget.

- - -

I’ll probably add some more at some point, I also wanted to talk about The Faunts - M4Part2 among others, but this took longer than I expected.

You know what? It changes so frequently that I can’t give you just one song. I think I’m going to come back to this thread later once I have a list (in no particular order). My favorite album of all time is Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon. Picking one song for whatever reason is a lot harder to choose for me.

There’s two questions here, right. What is my favorite song to listen to because of what it does musically versus what is my favorite song that triggers some personal memory that is about the experience and not the music necessarily. For example, 7 words is the soundtrack to my first time being detained by the police-and it always brings back the people I was with at that time before we spread to the wind and became nothing more than facebook acquaintances. (While we’re on the topic, could one of you mix/mashup folks make the Deffersons a real thing ) That’s a long way of saying, damn, the deftones are awesome.

Favorite song musically- So the most played songs according to my music library are Wonderful by Cunninlynguists, Cosmogony by Bjork and Where is my Mind by Pixies. I didn’t know those were my most played songs before looking, but that seems right that these three would be there. I love all three songs and can’t pick between them.

Favorite song for personal reasons- Lola by the Kinks. Maybe because I’ve had sex with a lot of transvestites or maybe it was the last song I listened to with my dad before he went deaf. I’ll let you all think what you want.

Seasons by CunninLynguists is definitely up there for me. I don’t know about my single favorite song ever but it’s definitely one that comes to mind.

Also, “They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back from the Dead!! Ahhhh!” by Sufjan Stevens and “You Got Me” by The Roots.

I’m too old! There’s too many! Smile

But interesting comments as always by youse guys.

This wasn’t meant as some definitive list or anything btw.. I was merely looking for songs that are really special to people, either through memories or just musically.

I would say Jazzy Belle by Outkast simply because of the fact that that is what made Andre 3000 my favorite rapper (at that time). I remember the first time I heard ATLiens when I was 14 and I was absolutely blown away by it. I guess when it comes to songs that are special or hold a lot of memories to me that song would be it. I could say the same thing for Babylon too. Something about the chemistry between Andre & Big Boi was always very special to me. The story telling on those 2 songs was second to none as well. Then there’s the spacey production. See? Now I need to listen to ATLiens. Honestly though I think when you hear an album of that caliber so early in your life it will always stick with you in some type of way.

mattthegod said: Now I need to listen to ATLiens.

Thanks guys for making me dust off some of the old albums that haven’t got many spins recently: first White Pony now ATLiens. Awesome weekend.

Burnt Offering by Blue Scholars

Such a classic, relaxing, reminiscent and meaningful song to me. I don’t think that it will ever get old.

I shall return to this thread when I come up with a short list.

Nine Inch Nails’s March of the Pigs was one of those songs that hit me at exactly the right time, and through the right channels, to completely change my musical palate for the better.

I was in college (#latepass), shyly playing Rock Band with my new roommates, when on comes this song with:

  • An alternating 7/8 - 4/4 time signature
  • A fluttering bassline that would’ve knocked the socks off of any hip-hop or EDM head
  • A commanding lead vocal alternating between primal screams & gentle lullabies
  • Sprinkles of delicate piano

It was this weird moment where new technology actually enhanced, rather than distracted from, my appreciation for the music. The song was fucking impossible to play. And the more we wrestled with it, the more I came to respect it. I had that thing on loop for a straight week after first hearing it, and Trent’s discography followed shortly after that. Almost everything I’ve tried to do in music more or less has its roots in the jarring dynamic and stylistic contrast embodied by this song.

It’s worth noting that prior to this moment, I primarily considered myself a hip-hop & QN5 head. Then Frou Frou’s Let Go opened my mind to electronic textures, MOTP did the same for me and rock, and years later HEALTH’s Die Slow did the same for me and noise.

On a final, more recent note. I’ve been heavy into deep house and minimal tech for the past few years (Kiesza’s 2014 “Sound of a Woman” has been on a loop). And I credit that 100% to Trentemoller’s Moan (Remix). Fuckin’ great stuff.

Some cool responses, keep ‘em coming.

@deStruc: I’ve been thinking recently about how much I love the ability to switch between genres. I hang around people sometimes that are completely rigid in their music taste and find that I essentially can’t play hip-hop/rock/electronic music when they’re around, it’s so frustrating. If music was a drug, then each genre is a different high - and I don’t think you can grasp much of a concept of music as an art-form without appreciating those different qualities it has.


Agreed! To an extent I can understand where folks are coming from. If I like something, I will play it into the ground. I like digesting albums slowly, studying them, getting to know them inside and out, and sometimes as a result I’ll fixate on one genre for a while.

But that’s always temporary. I can’t imagine life without all those different flavors. I exclusively listened to hip-hop as a teenager, but nowadays it’s The National for lunch and Moderat for dinner.