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General Discussion Just curious, is there a non-English speaking rapper that…

...has a crazy multisylabic rhyme scheme flow. Like on Tonedeff’s level. I know I won’t understand the lyrics but I’m curious to hear some multisylabic rhyme scheme flows in another language. Or maybe Tone can do an actual Spanish song in Spanish. But seriously, are there any non-English speaking rappers or songs like this? A rhyme is a rhyme regardless of the language so there should be some songs like this. I assume there are just as many words that rhyme in other languages as there are in english.


Hexenkessel by Brenk Sinatra & Morlockk Dilemma

Not that anyone gives a damn but I found what I was looking for in this album.

This is fire even though I don’t understand the language. Multisylabic rhyme schemes galore! Production is also great from one of my favorite producers over the last few years.

not really what you’re after but this japanese jam by krush and co is a dope one and strange poetical flow

Danish rapper Mund de Carlo has a very tight flow and handles multisyllabic rhymes and a fast flow well.

See “Virus”: