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Word has broke across the internet that Hip Hop has lost a true legend and Pumpkinhead has died today.

No details yet, but I will post them as the emerge.

fuckin a…. his grindtime shit and BK academy stuff was great, I still bump orange moon over brooklyn regularly. Sad news for sure. Dude had mad talent. RIP PH

the dude’s style maintained that griminess of hip hop I love, and what is lacking in a majority of shit. This guy was slept on… shame.

Just heard. RIP. I enjoyed his music but never gave him as much attention as he deserved. Dude was nice. RIP.

Wow so sad. Just heard and came here to post. RIP to a very dope MC.

Sad just randomly listened to a couple of his songs from a Black Panther record and Orange Moon Over Brooklyn. Fuck, man. RIP.

This made my jaw drop. I’m still at a loss for words. All I know is we lost an MC who had incredible talent. RIP PH you will be missed.

R.I.P. Pumpkinhead. I was devastated upon hearing this news today. The world lost a truly great person. Pumpkinhead had a huge impact on my life and was truly an inspiration & influence to me. I’ve seen him rock more stages than I can possibly recall. He was without a doubt one of my favorite MC’s to ever do it and always showed me nothing but love anytime I saw him, spanning almost 15 years. I’ve gone to plenty of shows and met more artists than I can remember but PH for sure was one of the most humble and down to earth of them all. He was a true legend who will be missed by many! My condolences to all of his family & friends.

I’m the epitomy of a hustler / please - come see me! / in front of SOB’s after a show sellin CD’s / a lot of artists nowadays is primadonnas / scared to hang out with the fans and throw back tequila / fuck ya throwback and ya dunks / ima show y’all im realer!

A Eulogy for Pumpkinhead (Robert Diaz 1975-2015):
Please donate to the PH Memorial Fund to support his family in this time of need @:


He did alot for QN5, I hope y’all can show some love on the donations.

- Tone

i don’t want to make a new topic dedicated to this just so i don’t clog up the forums with my nonsense, but was anyone at the PK tribute via. zoom yesterday? honestly kinda bummed out because they only gave less then a day of advance before it happened