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General Discussion Chino XL

Not only do we get Chino XL verse on a Kno beat, now we get a Tonedeff collab ???

Psyched to hear both…Going to try to listen to Poisen Pen and Ricanstruction in the next few weeks, I was the biggest fan of his first two albums. Even though the majority of his stuff has always been punchline/battle rap heavy, the “deep” cuts on those first two albums are still some of my favorite hip hop songs EVER…“Water” and “Rise” specifically, I wouldn’t hesitate to say those are two of my favorite rap songs of all time.
What’s your favorite Chino XL tracks? Anyone kept up with his discog over the years? I think I don’t get geeked about rap collabs too often anymore, but seeing these Chino XL + Tone/Kno tweets got me genuinely excited

I’ve never listened to Chino XL before.

*starts running*

i’d mostly recommend “Here To Save You All” (1996) - some of the tracks are kind of over the top with the punchline/pop culture references, but the production is vintage dusty moody boom bap 90s stuff with lots of subtle changes/layers, and there’s a lot of great tracks besides “Rise” - “It’s All Bad”, “What Am I”, and “Kreep” for starters. I’m not sure why something like Ras Kass “Soul On Ice” gets remembered as a canonical 90’s ‘classic’ rap album while this album seems to be forgotten

“I Told You So” (2001) isn’t as good, but “Water” and “Nunca” are [personal] classics, and “Don’t Say A Word” has a nice Dilla beat.

amplifya said:I think I don’t get geeked about rap collabs too often anymore, but seeing these Chino XL + Tone/Kno tweets got me genuinely excited

I was having a shitty day (I keep getting unintentionally shitty comments from people because my kid doesn’t have my skin color and it is getting on my nerves), and this just made me straight giddy.
And yes…‘Nunca’ is sick.

Dude popped up on that Adrian Younge x GFK album out of no where.

Word to everything Amp said. I’ve known of dude since the 90s. He’s from my state, New Jersey. While I was familiar with him in the 90s. I didn’t really get in to him until his second album dropped with Nunca. I was blown away by that Wordplay song he had, which I remember him first spittin as an accapella on if I remember clearly the Bobbitt show. I remember every word of it. “Perfection, flawless, masterpiece, no mistakes, back in the 1600s they burnt me at the stake. Metaphor mephestophiles, degrees I’ve achieve the brain fluid it takes…could equal the seven seas…” He goes insane with the Wordplay on that song. Water of course is another highlight. And also the track he had with Killah Priest on that prequel album. I bought his Ricanstruction double CD when it dropped, loved it but must admit that I haven’t played it since around the time it dropped. But it’s a dope album, I’ll revisit it sometime soon.

While ChinoXL has been showing to be consistent with features over the years, I hope he comes through on that song with Tonedeff. Tone already sent him his part, which I believe includes Tone’s verse along with a beat made by Tone. So it’s in Chino’s hands now. This would be an epic collaboration but Tone rarely has those and Murphy’s Law always seems to hit Tone. I hope this collaboration happens.

In a semi related note, ChinoXL is supposed to be release a group project called Verse 48 with Vakill, Copywrite and I believe Tame One. Not sure if that will ever come out considering Vakill hasn’t dropped a verse in over 4 years (after being on a 5 year hiatus) and is supposedly still working on getting his next Solo project Simon Bar Sinester out. Plus, the rappers in the group don’t seem to release music often. Vakill makes Tonedeff look like a rapper that releases too much music the way he never releases music.

All of that being said, I know all the rappers I mentioned take the art very seriously and respect and like them for that.

My two favourite rappers finally combine. Unbelievable.

This news, plus the Sadistk/Kno EP eases the pain of the whole CATM thing.

What Kno beat is Chino XL already on? And is there any news on the long rumoured Tonedeff, Pharaoh Monch, Tech N9ne, RA and Kno?

If *5 ever gets back on track, the potential for incredible collaborations has never been greater

ChinoXL is featured on the Phantom Limbs EP Nelson.

Hope the Tone and Chino song happens.

Just realized the Kno & Sadistik EP shares the same word with Tone’s next EP “Phantom”.

Nelson said:This news, plus the Sadistk/Kno EP eases the pain of the whole CATM thing.

True. Everything until CATM is just to numb the pain/feed the fix of living in a CATMless world. (I’m only half joking here)

ChinoXL is also doing a song with LX Beats that has Akrobatik, Reks, Are, and Redrama. I have to admit, I was not expecting these collabs, but am certainly down. (side note: That LX Beats+Akrobatik song Shotgun is pretty nice, so I expect further dopeness).

Sidenote - The track Chino and I are doing is for a fundraising project for PH’s family that The Plague is putting together. It’s gonna be a fucking monster. Count on that.

That Chino verse on Phantom Limbs is dope.