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Kno Favour to ask

Hi everyone,

Would someone mind hanging onto a vinyl for me until the next album drops? Shipping is quite expensive to Australia ($36) and I’m far better off having 2 albums posted to me rather than 1.

It’d be awesome if someone could help Smile

Cheers, Don.

Sure man. I got you.

U.S. shipping is expensive too so the savings might get washed out somewhat.
Album 1, $36 + Album 2, $36 = $72
Album 1, $10 + Album 2, $10 + Aus shipping, approx. $40 = $60
But if you want this, just say so and I’ll get you one and put it aside.

Hey mate thanks for the offer.

I see your point about savings being washed out, I didn’t realise the domestic shipping was as high as that.

It seems likely I’ll bite the bullet and get one flicked over here by itself then.

Thanks again bro.

No problem if you want me to get you one. But the decline of United States Postal Service sucks for everyone.