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CunninLynguists :: Official ‘Rose Azura Njano [LP] Anticipation Thread ::

Haven’t kept up with the EP releases, but I just listed to Violet and it’s great. Got me excited for the album. I am going to wait until the final project is out to listen to it in full. Seems like a lot of press is coming out for the album which is great!

Will there be a physical release or a release outside of Itunes? I noticed Violet was available on the RBC records Soundcloud, is this the label that the album is going to be released on?

Can’t wait to hear the album!

*EDIT* Tweeted Kno and he said “RAN will be on all digital platforms, & on CD (online & in-store, including select Best Buys) on Oct 6th via RBC Records. Vinyl a tad later”.

Waiting for that Vinyl!

I’m very excited for this album. Red Bird, Violet, and Any Way The Wind Blows are stellar.

I just spotted this and thought I would share it:

30 seconds of “Oh Honey” - I hadn’t heard it before.

Not long to wait now…....