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CunninLynguists :: Official ‘Rose Azura Njano [LP] Anticipation Thread ::

johnz1 said:Where else on the internet is this album being discussed? Aside from this thread, I don’t see anything else here, or on reddit or anywhere else. I can’t even find more than a couple reviews, either.

I don’t know why, for some reason it’s barely been discussed on here either. There’s been less than two dozen posts on the album since it came out, and 90 posts total. The official Oneriology thread has over 600 posts - granted it’s been around for more than six years but most of those posts were made within a few months.

It’s clearly a shame too cause I think this album contains some of their most interesting, poignant ideas yet but I’m having trouble parsing it all together, and I haven’t seen any meaningful discussion on it (haven’t listened to the DEHH review yet). But I can’t pretend I’m not guilty of not posting/discussing it either. For whatever reason I haven’t felt the need to keep coming back to this album as with previous Cunninlynguist releases, despite the fact that it’s even better than their previous releases sonically, cohesively, and lyrically if anything. Really not sure why - maybe streaming has led to serious musical ADHD but then I still revisit Polymer once in a while.

On the positive side - I have seen at least a few different people name dropping the album as one of their favorites of the year on Reddit which is kind of impressive if you’re familiar with the crowd over at /r/hiphopheads.

Great album and quality as always. Is that Kno impersonating Q-Tip on Ms. Waters? I thought it was really him at first.