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Deacon The Villain Deacon vs.

For those of you who haven’t yet read Deacon’s response to the sickening attacks on Shaun King:

When Deacon ends a post with “Piss off”, you know the truth has just been handed the fuck out. I know these boards are relaxed settings to enjoy the music, but Deacon just burnt down some lies and that deserves a post I think. Thanks Deacon for adding some personal insights to the ridiculous distraction.

(And yes, Deacon’s post got picked up by the Daily Mail who I won’t link because fuck them. But I did find funny that they wouldn’t say the name of the group, instead opting for: “a member of a hip-hop/rap band from Lexington, Kentucky”.)

Believe it or not I have met people or known people who think racism is exaggerated or non existent. Some of them still think this way and I’ve had to distance myself from them because I just can’t stand that frame of mind. It exists EVERYWHERE. Not just in America. Respect to Shaun King and his family. Nobody should have to go through what hes gone through in his life.

The story smelled fishy from the get. If Deacon says “Yep, since third grade this has been his identity and struggles” that is the end for me. Dredging up family history for such trite shit is ridiculous. 736 is where the counter for people killed by police in the U.S. this year stands. This red herring won’t change the debate we should be having about that number.

Also: as a fucking fan, this is Deacon solo announcement day. Thanks assholes for distracting from this awesomeness that is coming.

It’s CRAZY what Shaun has had to go through the past few days. Many people from my home town of Versailles have made statements to support Shaun and that has made ALL the difference. Glad you guys picked up on what was going on and helped spread the news. Originally I was going to announce my album Wednesday morning, but then this story broke, so I pushed it back. Almost pushed it back an entire week.

This settles it for me too. Fuck the media. I just shared Deacon’s comments on