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General Discussion Banksy’s Dismaland

Hey folks.

I imagine most of you are familiar with the artist Banksy by now.. a hero of my hometown of Bristol in England. I just visited his latest creation, a satirical theme park, and decided to write about it here:

I know a lot of you guys live overseas and won’t get to see it so I recommend checking out this trailer: There’s also a ton of photos online that are throughly worth checking out if you appreciate great satirical art.

I’m posting this here because I’ve been trying to achieve a dozen creative projects this year and have basically failed with all of them. One aspect of that was writing and even though I have created a ton of content and articles I haven’t published any of them. This exhibit today was so inspiring that I just felt like “fuck it” and put this out there regardless of the quality of the shitty blog website or whatever. Sometimes sitting around forever waiting to make things perfect means you end up doing nothing at all.

So yeah.. this post is as much a discussion about Banksy as it is shameless self-promotion and also encouragement to anyone of you that wants to do something creative - just do it.

That’s awesome.

...and doo it!!


Very good, Epic.

Some spectacular missing of the point in the Youtube comments there!

I really should go!