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Tonedeff If it’s not broken, don’t fix it…

No offense to any fans. I’m just not getting any of the actual meaning that used to exist in Tone’s music. My favorite Tonedeff tracks: Optimist, No Hope, The Distance, Porcelain, My Lady ... with a special mention to his verse on Love Ain’t and I Wish I was Dead. This music, man, it changed my fucking life. It meant, and still means, everything to me. Fuck, I listened it to so much through my late teens that my mom’s favorite mix CD had Optimist and Porcelain on it, and it’s her favorite because of those two songs. What happened?

Specific message to Tonedeff: Look at the verses, any of them, that you’ve made since you were actually making art. Sure, they have some meaning, but nothing near to what you used to do. I don’t even get why people see Glutton as a great piece of your work. It’s witty, yes, and original. But it has ZERO feeling. You came up with a concept and wrote on it. Beyond that, it’s solid plank of freshly cut wood. Bland, unfinished, still, waiting for a purpose.

I won’t ever be back to check on this message, but for fuck’s sake man, please. The amount I respect you is obscene, so I’m sorry that I hold you to such a standard, but come the fuck on. Use that brilliant shiny fucking head of yours and make something beautiful.

I understand that this is your opinion, but an amazing artist always shows growth. Not everyone is going to like this growth but at the same time you have to respect that Tone is so far ahead of where he was when he made Optimist that it’s almost mind blowing.

Also keep in mind that just because you don’t get it or don’t hear the feeling in the stuff from Polymer doesn’t mean someone else won’t.

What I’m trying to say is this, Tonedeff has specific songs that certain people will like and that certain people won’t. However, just because you like his older work doesn’t mean he should go back to it. A great artist never tries to reach back in time to what they used to do. That shows their running out of ideas if they do this. Instead they should grow from that whether people like it or not.

Tone is making the music he has ALWAYS wanted to make right now and whether people like it or not I think its the best thing for him to do as an artist.

Also I do totally respect your opinion so I’m not trying to sound like a dick when I ask this, but how did you not get any feeling out of songs like Demon, Use Me, or Competitive Nature?

WeToYou said:I won’t ever be back to check on this message

I actually doubt this.

But assuming it’s true we can essentially delete this thread because it’s pointless flame-bait, yes?

I can understand that some people don’t get it, maybe don’t like the production or don’t relate personally with some of the topics: but this guy came here just to insult, to be bitter and entitled. Tone’s music isn’t about YOU - it’s about HIM. And as a proclaimed Tonedeff-superfan.. I can confidently say that he’s creating the best work of his career, but most importantly of all HE knows it.

People always fight change.

someone had to take a break from masturbating to a 2006 hip hop shrine

A few thoughts:

1) What did Tone say about alienating people?
2) You can’t find emotional ties to songs, so it’s the artist’s fault?
3) On a more.. kind?.. note, I think the last piece of Polymer is what you’re looking for just going off hints from Tone.
4) I have to assume you’re not totally aware of the point that each EP showcases a particular face or aspect of personality… They’re not meant to each represent Tone as a whole, and if you can’t at least put Moment and Narcissus with the songs you mentioned.. What more can I say

Edit: I found more to say: Did you listen to The Projectionist EP??? It may be a different style of music, but do that.

houstonz said:Edit: I found more to say: Did you listen to The Projectionist EP??? It may be a different style of music, but do that.

This is just a good general recommendation.

I think the “meaning” found in Tone’s Polymer work is more cryptic than in the past on the whole - that’s the only thing I can think of to justify the lack of connection. If you don’t know much about Tone’s personailty, a bit of background info and context - then I imagine some songs might go over your head. Glutton isn’t a song about eating, Centerfold isn’t about photographing models, Never isn’t about some random bloke etc.

His older stuff was perhaps a bit more obvious with its messages - but the depth is still here and in terms of putting himself out there, these EPs are as heavy as anything he’s done.

i agree that this should be deleted, not because it’s negative but because it’s kinda pointless… if you don’t get someone’s music, then move onto something that you do understand and enjoy—don’t shit on the artist for your lack of comprehension. what’s the point in that?

WeToYou said:my mom’s favorite mix CD had Optimist and Porcelain on it, and it’s her favorite because of those two songs.

I didn’t see this the first time. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I’m sorry that none of Tone’s new stuff will fit on the mixes you make for your mom. Optimist got your mom all wet? Cool, I guess.
(This has to be trolling right, posting about how your mom wouldn’t like a rappers new stuff….there’s no way that is serious. “I just can’t put any of Kendrick’s stuff from To Pimp a Butterfly on this mix for my mom, so it is wack.” Also, is this some millennial shit (yep. old) where you all are making mixes for your mom? These kids nowadays….always trying to fuck their own moms.)