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General Discussion Music 2016

Tonedeff - Phantom/Polymer

I got nothing else Sad I’ve fallen behind on listening to music a lot lately.

I’ve never had so many artists that I anticipated music from but at the same time had no release dates. It’s as if 2016 is doing away with release dates. Anyway here is a list of artists I anticipate music from in 2016. I’ll edit and fill in the release dates as they become available.

Tommy V - Silence Speaks Vol. 1 Instrumental album - January 8th
Average Rap Band (album in January)
Catfish and The Bottlemen
C-Rayz Walz new album March 16th
Young Planet
Cryptic One
Ceschi (acoustic album with Pat the Bunny)
Grizzly Gato (Winter 2016)
Isle of Rhodes (these guys have been really quiet but last year they said their album was going to drop in Spring of 2015 (they even had one of those pledge things for it) but since they said that they’ve said nothing about the album this entire year. I’ll try to contact Rob Farren (the lead singer) and see what’s up with it.)
Thomas Azier (last album was in 2014 so I think it’s time for a new one in 2016)
Maulskull (dude’s working with Kno and Sadistik and he himself is a sick producer and rapper, can’t wait for his new album but I have been waiting a while so 2016 should be the year)
Kodiak Fur
Vakill (way overdue is an understatement, in the last 9 years, he’s released less than 20 songs total, not good but still looking forward to the Simon Bar Sinester album, hopefully this is the release year)
iCON the Mic King (he tweeted some weeks ago that we will see a new album from him in the future, when that album will be released is unknown, hopefully 2016)
Zavala (I think he’s got a solo LP, plus a project with Sister Crayon plus the next Dark Time Sunshine album)
Melody’s Echo Chamber (overdue but she’s been in the studio)
Emcee Graffiti (an EP mentioned earlier this year so should drop this year hopefully.)
RyPa (horrorcore to the best, no album in 2015 so expect one for 2016)
Sadistik (heard nothing specific except that he’s been in the studio)
James Blake (overdue)
St. Tropez (working on an EP)
Kno (I remember reading something about an instrumental album (also remembering that IG post several months back about having 50 beats complete), but also a rap album so not sure if this sophomore solo will have rap or not, whatever it is will be dope as usual. Also heard about a Built To Fade sophomore release some time ago, no dates on anything though.)
Knowlege (new rapper I just came across a couple months ago, not sure if he’s working on an album, I’ll ask him)
Kendra Morris (just gave birth to a son some months ago but should still get a new album)
Astronautalis (album in early 2016)
Montaigne (in the studio with some songs completed for the 12 track LP in 2016)
Jenny Broke The Window
Prolyphic (dropped a new song a couple months ago and mentioned a new album being worked on)
Cheers Elephant
P. Smurf
Booda French
My Body Sings Electric
Tom Scott (of Average Rap Band) solo album
David Vangel
Trebles and Blues
Grizzly Bear (I remember reading an article maybe last year if not this year that they were working on a new album)
Apollo Run (they did a periscope a few weeks ago showing work on new music)
Panik - Gain and Loss LP
Seez Mics new LP
Elektro4 - Archaeometry
Agnes Obel - Citizen of Glass LP - October 21
Phantogram LP
Kishi Bashi LP - September 16

I think that’s about it. As I said, a number of possibilities but no guarantees or release dates. Whatever.

Wow that looks a mess.

That new Kno and BTF got me yearnin’. Also Phantom.

I think James Blake was supposed to release an album this past summer but it never dropped… 2016???

Really interested to here what ever A-F-R-O has cookin… It’s been really cool seeing his career bloom through R.A. the Rugged Man. He won that Definition of a Rap Flow contest that Tonedeff was a judge for.

Not many albums have been announced for 2016 really…

Definitely interested in any Qn5 of Mello Music Group album that comes out.

Scratch is that you? You don’t look a day over 70 amirite? Lol been a while since I seen you post here.

What do y’all expect to come out this year for QN5? I’m going with:

Kno solo
Built to fade 2nd album
The speaker king

Kno’s doing a beat a day series on IG for the whole year. Sweet.

The way Pack left I can’t say Speaker King will drop this year until he comes back and says he’s working on trying to release it this year.

Kno admits that it will be a busy year so we may get both the Kno solo and BTF2

anybody heard The Incredible True Story by Logic?

one of the best rap albums of 2015, imo.

Really excited for Jon Bellion’s new album. Doesn’t have a release date yet, but he’s been teasing on social media and an announcement should be coming soon.

A new album from Odesza would be sweet.

Other from the future QN5 releases, I can’t think of much else.

Best producer ever says he’s giving us 366 beats this year and no one makes a noise. *shakes head*

Numonic said:Best producer ever says he’s giving us 366 beats this year and no one makes a noise. *shakes head*

Fucking QN5 should get a kickback on all the apps I gotta download. Instagram it is today (thanks Kno). Peaked at two and loved both of them. Also I expect him to have a really dope track for February 29th this year with the theme of the beats. I loved the Kokayi project and expect this to be soooooooooooooo awesome.

looks like I gotta re-download instagram. Never got it with my new phone…

I admit instagram isn’t my favorite app to be listening to music on, it’s clearly not meant for it but at least we get the beats and Kno confirmed that he is going to release a traditional instrumental album this year as well as a collection type one ala Excrementals. This 366 beats on IG is confirmation that we’ll get those instrumental projects. So these IG beats are a taste of the projects.

Where did kno confirm that he’s releasing an instrumental album this year?

On twitter in this string of responses.

He said:

” a true instrumental record & a ‘collection’ “

I guess if you want to be technical he didn’t say “this year” but he said coming up. I’m guessing this year though.

Numonic said:On twitter in this string of responses.

He said:

” a true instrumental record & a ‘collection’ “

I guess if you want to be technical he didn’t say “this year” but he said coming up. I’m guessing this year though.

Nice. Can’t wait.

Dance With The Dead - The Shape - Feb. 6th

Teaser -

New Tommy V instrumental album out now.


Tommy V - “Silence Speaks Volume One”

Bandcamp: filthybroke

I think I might be going on another hiatus for a couple of months. Busy season again and gotta stay focused. I will try to post as much as I can but it probably won’t be as frequently. There’s a long list of artists to look forward to releasing projects, keep your eye open for them and I’ll post when I can.

Edit: lol I have to make an announcement of being absent for a couple of months because I feel that type of time away would seem as if something is wrong with me, meanwhile there’s some people I haven’t seen post in months to a year.

Live version of a new Sadistik song…

New album announcement should be coming really soon.

JTX said:Live version of a new Sadistik song…

New album announcement should be coming really soon.

i got a god up here
i got a god up here
what you got up here?

Thats the track he performed in Evansville back in September!! I remember me and my gf going hard to that one. Glad I got to hear it again… it was stuck in my head for awhile after the show.

That show was fucking great… me and my gf ended up getting ihop with him and ceschi…. both of them cool as fuck

I didn’t ask him much about new music, but he did seem really excited about what he has coming next.

JTX said:Live version of a new Sadistik song…

New album announcement should be coming really soon.

This is very cool.

Listening to the pre-order tracks off of Adrian Younge’s ‘Something About April II’ album that will be released soon and it is appropriately soulful, funky, and dope. Cinematic is the best description of it. These couple tracks sound awesome.

WTF. Sadistik just dropped a project out of nowhere called salo sessions.

That track with Nemo Achida is awesome. On repeat.

new sadistik, o ye!

Yo I got the email, new Sadistik project, busy and sleepy as hell right now, will dive in as soon as I can. Can’t wait to hear this. Excellent surprise release from one of the best.

that first tracks waves is stuck on repeat

“Waves” and “Mourning Glory” are fantastic. Only listened one time so far.

houstonz said:“Waves” and “Mourning Glory” are fantastic. Only listened one time so far.

Those are my favorites. Not really liking the featured tracks, and videodrome and out the dark are just ok to me.

Holy moly this Salo Sessions is dope. I love Out the Dark. So dope. Sadistik is a beast. How he drops this after dropping Phantom Limbs with Kno just a few months ago is crazy. So dope. Sadistik just keeps releasing the best music out every year.

For me, the last three songs are best of this little release. I’m frightened if these are just throwaway tracks from his upcoming release, because everyone here seems to have a few different favorites.

Salo Sessions is pretty dope. The production is not 100 % down my alley, but Sadistik’s wordplay and rhyme schemes are on point as usual; Videodrome and Mourning Glory are amazing!

Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman have also dropped a free EP called “Lice” which I like a lot.

In other news regarding 2016 releases, Lupe Fiasco has announced three new albums with “ROY” supposedly being the last of his career. I’ve learned to take everything he says with a grain of salt, but nevertheless, I’m really excited about it. “Tetsuo and Youth” was my favorite hip hop album of 2015 and it will be interesting to see where he takes his music now that he is no longer on a major label.