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General Discussion Good news and bad news

I should start with the fact that I am in a Doctorate Program for Physical Therapy and am supposed to graduate in May this year.

Good news: My school is affording me the opportunity to go to California. I will be going for 5 days this week. I’ll be in Anaheim at a conference. My first time in California. Actually my first time outside of the Tri-state area except to Nigeria where my parents are from. Might go to Disneyland.

Bad News: I was let go from my clinical affiliation this trimester because of a terrible mistake I made with some documentation but also according to my clinical instructor I am not academically ready for the clinical. It’s horrible and kind of awkward because the school is allowing me to continue taking my other 3 courses. They said that they are working on what the next step will be in the process and they’ll let me know when I get back from California. I am supposed to be graduating in May this year. This might throw a wrench in that. It sucks. I know I shouldn’t blame anyone but myself but this lady had it out for me from the start. I think about the fact that I have my PTA license to fall back on and the fact that I have about 3 years of Doctoral PT school knowledge and experience under my belt and feel ok but being a few months from graduation and having this happen sucks. I don’t know what’s going to happen with this situation.

I don’t know, guess this was thread worthy.

That sucks, man. I’m so sorry to hear the news. I’m curious to hear more about what happened, if you feel like sharing. Completely understandable if you don’t feel like it though.

It sounds like the school has your back, which I certainly hope is the case.

I’ll be at CSM as well, if you feel like commiserating.

Wishing you the best, either way.

I know how you feel with regards to being in a sort of purgatory waiting on a decision that could delay something you’ve been working towards for some time. It sucks, but my way of handling it is that you just have to know that you’ll get there eventually.

So the best advice I could really give is to try not to lose sleep over it. It’s out of your hands. There’s times when we can only work with what we’ve been dealt, ya know?

deStructuralized said:That sucks, man. I’m so sorry to hear the news. I’m curious to hear more about what happened, if you feel like sharing. Completely understandable if you don’t feel like it though.

It sounds like the school has your back, which I certainly hope is the case.

I’ll be at CSM as well, if you feel like commiserating.

Wishing you the best, either way.

It was basically a mistake I made because I was rushing to complete an evaluation and was doing it at 4am in the morning on no sleep and did something I shouldn’t have, is as far as I’ll go. Anyway, my CI was riding me the entire time, what I thought as us having an educational debate about something, I later learn that she saw as me being defensive. She only looked at the negative and I swear she lied about somethings but I have no proof. I would do something, she would soon tell me to do the same thing, then I would tell her that I just did it, it was ridiculous. She would basically say that i was giving no effort yet i was there 12 hours a day working to get my stuff done on time. She saying I’m not academically ready is shifting on the school. I had a really calm and professional meeting with the head of the faculty and the faculty member that is responsible for finding places for students to do their clinicals. I believe they have my back as they still want me to represent the school at the CSM. But I don’t know what’s going to happen because I have to make up this clinical course unless the school will do something else to help me make it up. At the same time it’s possible that they may kick me out of the program, which sounds crazy being only a few months from graduation. For them to kick me out at this point would be putting the entire faculty under investigation. If I’m not academically ready how could I get this far in the program? That would be like the “no child left behind” issue. The school does bend over backwards to make sure students pass but I would have rather failed out in the first trimester than the last. Of course there is the possibility to come back next year as I know at least one student has done. Not sure how that will work with me continuing to take these other 3 courses and the clinical course missing. The fact that they let me continue to finish my other courses is kind of a sign that they are working on how to keep me in the program, so that’s good. It’s a lot of stuff to get in to, sorry this was so long. I’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

BTW, do you live in California near Anaheim? I do remember you telling me that you were applying to PT schools.

Thanks Zack

Thanks for your willingness to share. It really sounds like you put in a lot of effort, and it’s a shame that wasn’t recognized. I can’t imagine what it would feel like to be put into that sort of a situation.

All I can say is I know two students in my class who were originally a part of prior classes. One of them had to deal with a difficult personal situation, and the other actually sustained a fracture that would have prevented her from participating in lab. They ended up taking whatever courses they could, and simply rejoined our year for the courses they couldn’t have taken right away.

It sounds like you and the admin / faculty are on similar pages. I’m glad those conversations went civilly. I can’t see any reason why they wouldn’t cooperate with you to finish that degree. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, and ditto to what Zack said.

I’m going to school in CO, but I’ll be flying in with some classmates for the convention. Definitely holler if you wanna meet up.

Sure, I know nothing about Anaheim so if you have any recommendations let me know. I’ll be there from Tuesday through Sunday. I’ll be staying at a hotel with a few other classmates, only one of which (my project partner) knows about this bad news situation (so mums the word). I’m only bringing a carryon worth of stuff, hope that’s enough for 5 days. I know it’s kind of hot over there now while it’s freezing here on the east coast, but I heard the nights can get a little chilli, doubt anywhere near as cold as here in the east. But I will be going with my Fall weather jacket (which I probably won’t wear there), some short sleeve shirts, a few shorts, a couple dress clothes and shoes, basically enough for 5 days with variety but with no real plans not sure if I’m packing what I need. Anyway, I could always buy anything I need when I get there but have to remember not to buy more than I can carry back in my carryon. I definitely need to know best places to eat in Anaheim and whether or not we need to rent a car to get around or if most of what we need is walking distance, or if renting a car would be better than public transportation. It’s going to be a new experience for me never really being outside of my home area but probably the only difference may be the weather. I’ll keep in touch with you though this thread, although I think I have your email too.

Just to follow up on this for anyone that cares, my graduation got pushed back to next year. So next year it’s just 3 courses to finish : 1 lecture course and 2 clinical courses. In the meantime I’ll work and study and finish up the 3 courses I’m taking now. It’s no biggie to me that I’m graduating with a class that I’ll only know for a couple of months next year as opposed to the one I was with over the last 3 years. I was always a loner anyway. As long as I’m graduating I’m cool. But even my current status as a PTA is great right now with the education and experience I’ve gained in the DPT program over the last 3 years. So I’m good regardless of what happens.

Happy to hear it’s working out!

My ortho CI was similar. I really did not care for her. Keep pushing tho… Best job on earth. Hollar if you need some so cal work. I almost never post in here but gotta show love for the PTs of the world