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General Discussion Audio translation service

Audio translation services are most required by larger organizations and companies that need plenty of audio files to be processed and translated for business purposes.
Most of reliable translation agencies prefer taking a look at audio content they will have to translate before moving to further negotiation of a price.
In fact, this principle can be quite profitable for a client, because he can send his test audio to multiple agencies and then to ask an independent expert to estimate translation quality. It will allow you to get to know translation rates in different agencies and their proficiency level.
Translation price depends on a kind of audio you need to have translated. Deadline also plays one of the key roles in translation price. However, the most important element in forming translation rate is a language pair of your audio.
Factors that influence translation price:
• Topic
• Difficulty
• Deadline
• Translator’s experience and certification
• Language pair
• Translator’s location

Cost per hour and cost per words
-Cost per hour
Commonly accepted rate is the cost per word and the cost per hour. In second case you have to remember to ask about how much work they can do per hour. It means how many words they usually translate per one hour.
Notice: before relying an agency any work you should compare translation speed of different companies. Their ability to translate some words number directly influence not only time spent on work, but also money you will have to spend. The faster agency translates the less money you will have to pay.
Specialists usually translate 200-250 words per hour depending on factors previously mentioned.
Cost per hour vary from $17 to $45 depending on a language pair
-Cost per words
This is the most optimal kind of price to estimate how much money you should to pay. This method is highly recommended for clients who face translation rate for the first time and do not have enough experience in it.
Anyway, it is very easy to estimate a number of words in source text. MS Word shows total word count on the bottom of a document. Even if you have an image with text do not be upset. Abby Finereader will help you to convert image into simple text. Then go back again to MS Word!

Where to order translation?
-Translation agencies
As it has been already mentioned mostly language pair defines a price for translation.
In fact, translation agencies hire remote translators to perform clients’ orders. That is why their prices differ from self-employed translators’ rates. Agencies usually take from $0.079 to $0.139 per word for classic language pairs (from English into French etc.) and from $0.149 to $0.179 for exclusive language pairs (from Korean into English).
Agencies also provide translation proofreading, which is usually performed by native speakers or a certified translator. Proofreading costs in average from $0.056 to $0.1 per word for classic language and from $0.09 to $0.1 for exclusive language pairs.
Translation agencies appreciate their reputation and verify and test every translator they depute work to. That is why their price is high enough.
It is very easy to find a freelance platform where professional self-employed translation specialists work online. Their prime advantage against translation agencies is that their translation price is much lower. They work for themselves, but not for a company. For example, It provides you with a variety of translators who work with a big number of languages and can execute your order in the shortest terms and guarantee you the best quality.
Responsible freelance translators value their reputation, which, by the way, can be seen on online platforms. You can also check real feedbacks from their clients and their certificates and CVs.
Freelancers’ translation rate differ from $0.015 per word to $0.1/word depending on a language pair.

This is always up to you whom to order translation from one language into another. The only thing you have to remember is that at first you have to check reputation, feedback and compare prices in the market. Then you can be sure in quality of work and your money safety.