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Peter Anthony Red LYRICS: “Never Enough”

Peter Anthony Red
“Never Enough”
©2012 Quintic.

“It seems you learn your limitations
In the feeling that you’ve already dared.
And if you feel the hesitation,
It isn’t cause you weren’t prepared
The shivers down your spine are echoes
The ripples in the gutters you’ve bled
So when you feel the urge to let go
Remember that you’re already dead in the eyes of the world.

You know it’s never enough.
You try, but you never give up.
You know it’s never enough.
For you.

All the dreams, all the time in was never enough
All the tears all the fighting was never enough
All the things that you strive for will burn and rust
All the schemes all the lies, oh.

Though they scream for a sign, no it’s never enough
Wanna reach for the sky but it’s never enough
They’ll agree that you shined once you’ve turned to dust.
All the schemes all the lies, oh.

Behind every door is a question
You answered when you turned the key
And life can only teach you a lesson
You master when you learn to breathe.
Till then it’s never enough.
You tried, but you never gave up.
But it just wasn’t enough.
Cause there was always too much to lose.”


This shit right heeerrrrrrre