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Lucy Camp :: The OFFICIAL “VIRAGO” Discussion Thread ::


The theme behind this mixtape revolves around the two very separate definitions of Virago.Virago is defined as a bad-tempered woman, a shrew. A woman so assertive. At the same time, Virago holds the meaning of a strong willed woman who steps out of the expected domestic role. Some songs in “Virago” address the small worth of a woman’s word, the impact desired to be made by those who have been discouraged throughout adolescence, the inability to grasp the raw reality of division between two former spirited bodies, and much more. Although some subjects may be broad, there are all kinds of different messages in each song.

1. M.I.T.W (Prod. Mike C.)
2. Grey (Prod. DublinBeats)
3. 2 Cents (Prod. Decap and Phillipdrummond)
4. Astray (Prod. BeenJAmmiN)
5. Virago (Prod. Siggie Qu)
6. One, Two (Prod. Mike C.)
7. Breed (Prod. The Sound of Color)
8. Seeds (Prod. BeenJAmmiN)
9. Impact (Prod. Phillipdrummond feat. David Backhash)
10. My Kind (Prod. Mike C.)


Back when I used to teach, the most fun thing was to let the students do something creative with arbitrary expectations. Make them write a poem without using the letter ‘e’ or something crazy. It was great fun. Alright, long intro to say…

Holy internal rhymes, Batman! I know when Amp first brought Lucy Camp onto the boards a lot of things stood out to everyone, but the internal rhymes are what really stood out for me. It seemed to be a real labor on trying to get internal rhymes as complex as possible. 2 cents is my favorite song but verse 2 of MITW is my favorite verse. (You know as I write this, I’d dig a Sheisty/Lucy Camp song just because internal rhymes would be crazy). The internal rhymes that Virago shows off should be crazy on her upcoming projects with Quintic.

Been really enjoying this the past few days. It’s a refreshing blend of female perspective, youthfulness and yet self-aware maturity. She was 16 when she did this? Crazy.

Any plans to get this on Spotify?

The CD came in the mail yesterday. Thank you, for the personalized hand written note.

Numonic said:Thank you, for the personalized hand written note.


I’ve listened to this so many times and it still hasn’t gotten stale. Can’t wait for the EP!

Bought the cd as well and it arrived in about week to Finland, so pretty quickly . Thanks for the personalized note from me too.

Haven’t yet gotten around to listening the new one, but will get to that asap.

I would just like to point out that “My Kind” is fucking sick.