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Peter Anthony Red Singles & Other News…

Hey gang, just wanted to keep you abreast of what’s going on with my PAR stuff.

Before Hyperrealism happens (2017?), I’m looking to release a couple singles later this year, starting in the summer. I have a couple non-Hyperrealism song ideas I’d like to release before hand.

I am currently producing material for Fjer & Lucy Camp, so once their stuff is out of the way, I’m itching to drop some new PAR material. I have to say, my vocal, production & mix game has stepped up considerably since my first foray into the sung genres on The Projectionist, and I’m excited to show the growth. You’ve heard glimpses of it already on “Holograms” and you’ll definitely hear plenty of it on Tonedeff’s PHANTOM EP. The jump is pretty significant actually.

I appreciate everyone sticking around with me, as QUINTIC gets off the ground and I bring the new team together. It really does mean a lot to have your support. I’m doing my best to make y’all proud.

With that said, I’ve been tooling around with the songs I originally had slated for the album release. Some of the songs have held up well over time, but I feel I can do better now. So, given the extended time frame, I’ve decided to keep a few of the original ideas I’ve had as a foundation and build on that with brand new/fresh ideas. I really want to make something beautiful, and being that I have much more to drawn on as a human being at this point in my life, I feel like I can do that - if I take this approach. It’ll be 1000x better than what I originally had planned to do. But no worries, there’ll still be plenty of pianos. Smile

On the plus side, I’ve hired an amazing artist to create the cover art for Hyperrealism. It’s gonna be gorgeous. Really. So that’s one less thing to worry about. haha

Just keeping y’all in the loop!

- Tone

Holograms is incredible, so although the wait is hard at times, it sounds like it’s for the best as it allowed for you to progress to the point to make the album as good as it can be. Songs like holograms are when I feel you are at your best, tbh. Can’t wait to hear the craziness you’re cooking up.

Not to sidetrack from PAR but posts like this about you working on other music shows that you are really finished with Polymer (I saw you said it was mastered) which is dope. That being said I can’t wait for some new Peter Anthony Red.

You mean to say “Here Comes The Tide” isn’t gonna be an OG rip from Underscore? BLASPHEMY!


I’m just messing around. I’m really interested in seeing what Peter Anthony Red is all about. ‘The Projectionist’ was absolutely a very focused EP in terms of emotion and narrative, but I feel like assuming Hyperrealism is just gonna be a 10-15 track ‘Projectionist’ would be naive. Some singles this year could definitely do good in showing that PAR isn’t all about making depressing (but beautiful) songs that make me wanna walk into traffic… unless that’s what you’re going for. Fuck it. lol

Prepping tears and depleting serotonin levels stat.

Thanks for the update T.. err.. Peter. I know you’re a super busy guy right now but it’s nice to be made aware that things are still happening behind the scenes and have a little direction as to where things are going.

The Projectionist was an incredible and focused piece - but from hearing the Polymer stuff thus far I’m excited to see how your original production is going to meld with PAR material. I think we’re gonna love it - and what’s special is that for many of us (right?) it was YOU that helped branch our interest into this ‘style’ of music, so it’s cool to imagine it coming full circle.

New song “gold” out now.

Is any of the Peter Anthony Red stuff going to be dropped on Spotify?

Interesting to hear the impact Polymer has had on the PAR sound. I definitely get Phantom (the EP as a whole) vibes from Gold. Haunting but more beautiful and optimistic than the Phantom tracks. Really beautiful.

I was surprised by the instrumental nature of the track as opposed to the very vocal-driven tracks we’ve heard so far from PAR over the years. It made me realize how many ways Hyperrealism can go and still be completely amazing.

That being said.. I really want to hear PAR vocals again soon!

To quote PARs alter ego “I want it all and I want it now…”

Is there any updates on this? Anything new in the works that we can expect this year? Or should we set our expectations for 2019? Thank you very much!

I think he recently said we can expect 1 or 2 more PAR singles in 2018.

His new feature on “Marigolds” with Lucy Camp is great!