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Lucy Camp The Cypher Effect

For those who are just getting into Lucy Camp’s music her appearances on this YouTube channel are worth checking out. I’m a fan of several artists on this channel and it’s how I eventually found out about Lucy Camp. They feature a lot of talented and unknown rappers. The first Cypher linked was the first time I’ve seen her rap and I’ve been hooked ever since.

She’s had three appearances on these Cyphers and they’re all awesome imo.

First appearance (March 2014):
Second appearance (July 2014): (solo session)
Third appearance (August 2015):

Yeah I was playing these the other night, they’re great. Cool and confident.

I first heard lucy about a year before the earliest cypher filming. First thing i noticed, besides the depth of lyricism and incredible flow/delivery, is how much she reminded me a lot of tonedeff from the jump. To me she sounded like a mix of Dessa and Tone rolled up into a young prodigious writer. The fact she is now working with tone is beyond amazing. Cant wait for the inevitable collab record.