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General Discussion Laptop just crashed and I lost everything!

Some say April 1st is the new year, well I guess I’m starting new and fresh for the new year. My laptop that I had for the last 3 to 4 years just crashed and as my brother (who does this for a living) was trying to fix it all of the files got lost. The laptop is as it was when it was brand new. This laptop was my father’s and he was using it before me so even some of his files from a decade ago are lost but unlike me he’s since put all his files on an external HD. I so wish I did that. I’ve lost gigs upon gigs of documents and files. I feel like the last 4 years of my life never happened. I had pdf text books, I had so many files, documents and assignments. Music too but a lot of my music is on my phone or Google cloud. But still lost a lot. This is crazy.

My brother also pretty much lost his car on April 1st too as someone hit it in the back severly damaging it, it looks totaled but thankfully he was not injured but is starting to complain of neck pain so he’ll go to the doctor to see if there is any internal injuries.

On top of all of that I just had to do some Spring cleaning the last few days because I found a mouse running around in my room. I know that sounds like peanuts to some but I never had a mouse in my room before so it traumatized me. I’ve been sleeping on the couch the last last several days until I know my room is totally clean and clear of mice.

But the laptop issue really sucks.

Edit: some files from 2013, 2014 are on my PC external drive, plus some more recent, 2015, 2016 files are on my phone so I think I can salvage maybe half of what I lost but I’m just in shock, not really knowing exactly how much is lost but I’m sure like 80% of the files of 2015 and a good chunk of 2014 are lost. I did so much on 2015.

Edit: Some hope, my brother found a program that recovers files and so far already recovered a few. Will know in a couple of hours if everything is back.

External hard drives are worth the cost for situations like these. You can get them really cheap nowadays compared to 5-10 years ago. I just quickly looked for the portable 1 TB Seagate model I bought maybe 3 years ago and it’s selling as low as $60 on Amazon.

Yoooooo! My brother came through and got my files back. I’ll back them up to an external drive now.

Numonic said:Yoooooo! My brother came through and got my files back. I’ll back them up to an external drive now.

Very cool that it worked. But yeah: I got two externals and they are a lifesaver. Have a friend who had an apartment fire three weeks ago and lost his laptop and his one external in it. All his kids photos from birth until 6 were on his external. And now gone. So, this is my way of saying: Get more than one or pay for the cloud. It is worth it, I think.

I backup the backup. Why not?