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General Discussion TV in 2016

Numonic said:“The night of” on HBO has me interested.

It’s really well shot and really good acting. It is basically “law and order” on crack, so there are the typical crime tropes, but it is in novel in the sense of each character and seeing how every angle comes into play. Id recommend it since there isnt much by way of shows on Sunday.

On the BBC last night: Scorsese’s No Direction Home: Bob Dylan.

Great stuff. But I wonder how important a figure he is to modern young Americans?

For me and many of my age, the likes of Blonde On Blonde. Highway 61 and Blood On the Tracks are seminal records critical to the history of popular music. But I fear he may mean no more to a modern audience than Cole Porter or Duke Ellington. Am I right?

Not a new show but one that I definitely missed when it was on, and probably would’ve never watched if not for my girl.

Watched the entirety of Parenthood on Netflix this fall, really enjoyed it. Cee-Lo is even on one episode as himself lol.