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Fjer :: Official Fjer - You Again [LP] Appreciation Thread ::

Fjer - You Again [LP]


Don’t know the name of what she is working on, but the stuff she posted on Snapchat sounds very, very cool. She’s apparently going to out drum everyone else in the game. Cool.

been some hints in different places about her LP and maybe a music video? looking forward to it!

2013 was an outstanding year for music, so this EP while it did get some shine from me didn’t get enough. Listening to it now I am blown away.

Edit: whoops! meant for this to be in the New Start EP thread.

Snippet for the new single sounds really good. Hopefully it’s for a full album.

This single is awesome and is a one off….damn. I really am wondering what this means for the album. For me, there’s always been sparse Fjer of Floors and now ‘Her Turn’ and the more complex, toppling Fjer of ‘Stairs.’ (I’ll have to admit a slight preference for the first Fjer, but both are great). Does the fact that this single didn’t fit into the larger project mean: whole album of complex Fjer? Or did it just not fit with the tone she’s going for and she’ll still mix both Fjers in? Excited either way.

Shit’s hot. 2016 has been damn consistent with the tunes.

I appreciate the kind words, everybody! There’ll be a live stream in the near future where all Her Turn questions will be answered Smile I’ll keep y’all posted. THANKS for supporting!

Hey guys! Wanted to let you know that my new music video for Her Turn is out now: - Hope you enjoy it! <3

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Cool. As someone generally down with seeing the world a little blurry, I’m down with blurry Fjer. If I ever meet someone from Youtube, I’m gonna tell them to stop wasting their 360 video on such crap and invest in making this video in 360.

Those two songs she previewed in the Facebook thing were righteous. I don’t know if she produced that ‘Better’ track, but that was cool. Would not hate some Fjer produced tracks for other artists (just saying). Anyway, this album is going to be very cool.

Now, if Fjer was a 90s R&B diva, I think these would be album titles for her and the years I imagine these albums would have come out:
Fjerever (1994)
Fjeritude (1992)
Fjer Keeps (1998)
Waiting in the Wings (1997)

This is probably my most anticipated album of 2017.

I really liked A New Start. I was Blown away by Beautiful Home.

See the trend here?

Fjer is INSANELY talented and I can’t wait to hear what she’s been cooking up with her first full album.

So is anybody else excited about this album like I am?

mattthegod said:So is anybody else excited about this album like I am?

The stuff she is dropping recently is very cool. That ‘Better’ track is in constant rotation and is awesome. By the way, if folks haven’t heard that Emilia James ‘Nobody Else ft. Fjer’ track on soundcloud—go check that out (and her Ariana Grande cover is cool too). I think it is going to be a really cool album. Looks like it is going to have diverse production and really let her vocals stand out. 2017: Fjer Year?

Damn. ‘Better’ is great. Just relistening.

I can’t wait. Been listening to her stuff a lot recently since “Better” released in anticipation and you can hear how quickly she’s been evolving just through the catalog she has right now. I hope she’s handling a lot of the production too because I’m a huge fan of that multi-talented side of artists I listen and she’s one of my favorites at it.

Would I listen to a 10 minute long version of ‘Wrong Time’? Yes, Yes I would.