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Fjer :: Official Fjer - You Again [LP] Appreciation Thread ::

Wrong Time is unbelievably gorgeous. Her debut LP is about to be ridiculous. Still my most anticipated project of the year for sure. Quintic is on a role.

IT’S COMING! Oh my fucking god its finally coming. I’m pumped.

Red Flag was super catchy, awesome choice for a single!

freeda5th said:I can’t wait. Been listening to her stuff a lot recently since “Better” released in anticipation and you can hear how quickly she’s been evolving just through the catalog she has right now. I hope she’s handling a lot of the production too because I’m a huge fan of that multi-talented side of artists I listen and she’s one of my favorites at it.

I’ve been lucky enough to hear some un-released stuff and you’re right. She’s quickly evolving and yes she’s producing the majority if not ALL of it. “Red Flag” is fuego and she def produced that. Fjer’s an animal.

This is easily my AOTY so far and I dare for someone to make an album better than this. Let’s call it the QN5/Quintic challenge.

In a word: ineffable.

I can’t imagine a more perfect debut for a singer-songwriter in 2018. This album somehow manages to do a little bit of everything stylistically.

Roll Call is perhaps the most standout bop of the album. I love how it can be read in terms of an unreliable lover’s phonebook, or a DJ’s playlist. Practically a Part II to Her Turn—this is a late night radio-friendly jam that slyly admonishes its listeners to remember the name Wink. P.S., That upward slide on the “uh!” is infectious.

One of my most favorite things about Fjer’s lyrics on this album is the way they evolve, reveal, and resolve truth through the course of each song. It’s the sort of thing that piques the attention and rewards repeat listening. “We will Never Work...‘cause I’m the only one who’s putting in the work” is a perfect example of this.

I’m a sucker for percussive step synth sequences, and Words hits the spot just right.

Awkward is 90’s Mariah Carey in all her swirling, aquatic glory. Baby-making music, for sure.

Dim The Lights is, simply, jaw-dropping. An ethereal siren’s song that is initially inscrutable—until Zoe’s voice punctures that beautiful fog with poignant clarity. Once I heard the words, “let them hold the door” I knew I had to take this through a second listen. Perhaps a song about self-doubt in general, but more likely a vital meditation on what it means to be a woman in this world and moment in history.

And then to cap it off with that orchestral bit at the end…y’all are spoiling us.

(Please never stop shining.)

Straightforward and honest: The Fact is probably my most favorite song on this LP. The way Fjer plays with the phrase “Isn’t it hilarious?” is especially artful.

Red Flag was always a bop, but it the role it plays on the album, as minimalist relief against a generally lush and densely produced wall of sound is really well done.

There is so much to love about Now: the way it thematically resolves the dis-integration of self posed throughout the album, dat miami bass, the way it resamples Fjer singing “you…” and “now means everything that means nothing now” (not fair of you to get so profound on such a catchy beat, tbh).

What an album. I’m sorry I got to it so late, but it’ll be getting heavy burn on any speakers I get access to from here on out—that’s a promise!