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General Discussion I need some major laughs to combat this Bell’s Palsy I just developed, help.

So I recently developed Bell’s Palsy leaving the right side of my face paralyzed for the most part. I can’t smile on my right side, just a really small smirk. Besides that it also affects how i talk and eat and my eye lids are affected too causing me to blink less and have a watery eye and cry. I’m taking medications and having treatments for it such as mouth exercises, massages and electrical stimulation and heat. I even thought of the idea of rapping along to all the rap songs I’ve memorized to exercise my mouth to regain movement. I was thinking of another idea of using comedy to make me crack big smiles to help push that smirk in to a smile. If you guys can help, post the funniest things you can in here.

Actually this would be the best time for a TACM return . Do it for me. I need some laughs.

Thank you.

This shit had me cracking up last night:

s/o karakakashk

My stepdad had Bell’s Palsy a few years ago, but recovered pretty quickly after going to the doctor. Don’t remember what kind of treatment he received, though. I’m sure you’ll be back to normal in no time.

Thanks Zack. That was some dark comedy though. Glad to hear your step-dad recovered quickly, gives me hope. I’m exercising more now, I figure if I loose some weight in my face it will be less weight for the nerves to have to work to move. Doing a sort of hip hop aerobics dancing and rapping along to rap songs and albums I’ve memorized to work out my body and my mouth/face. I think I’m in to slapstick comedy like Pineapple Express.

Sorry to hear about that mang. Here are some links to help with the funnies.

For slapstick, go back to the 80s, naked gun, airplane!, etc. (Batman v. Superman spoilers)

Also youtube best 2016 fails, funny moments, stuff thatd ud see on vine etc.

Support man.

Old, but this always cracks me up, I don’t know why.

sorry to hear that man. Time Traveling Bong made me laugh more than all of Broad City season 3:—the-beginning—-uncensored-season-1-ep-101

Day 6 and still little to no movement on the right side of my face but thanks for the laughs guys. Anyway the earliest I’ve heard of recovery was 3 weeks and even that was considered a lucky one to have recovered so quickly and it wasn’t 100%, like 80% but I just want to see some recovery so that I have hope that it will eventually go away. So I have a ways to go but it’s so frustrating talking and eating without being able to move the right side of my face. I’m doing a lot of treatments but time is basically what it’s going to take.

Yo! I can whistle again! And make a blowfish face! #bellspalsy recovery in 2.5 weeks! Most of my smile returned a few days ago. I would say I’m 90% recovered. Only thing I feel is still a little off is my eye lid and eye brow movement and the last time I ate last night, I still had to manually fish pieces of food from the side of my mouth with a fork as my cheek to teeth squeeze movement still was not really there, I think that might be fixed today. I haven’t eaten yet. This is mad cool, 2.5 weeks recovery is a short time compared to what others with Bells Palsy go through. Thanks again for the laughs and support guys. I should probably mention my treatments for people that are unfortunate to get this.

My treatment was not different than most. I was religious about taking my vitamins (vitamin b12, b6, c, d, zinc, magnesium). Initallially I also took steroid and antiviral medication as prescribed by my doctor. I’ve been eating a lot better, getting more vegetables and fruits. I’ve been moving more, not exactly exercising which I should do but going for walks. I did some facial exercises, trying to smile on that side, moving my face in all directions, massaging my face. As a person that works in physical therapy, I know about electrical stimulation treatments so I bought a small TENS unit and used it on my face a few days. Best place I felt to place the electrode was where the Facial Nerve entered the face which is just below the ear on the jaw line, and also just in front of the ear (between the cheek and the ear). I also applied hot packs to all areas (front, side and back of my head) on that side of my face.

I think that was about it, of course the cause is idiopathic (no one knows the cause) so these treatments could have just been a fluke and the thing might have just resolved on its own. Anyway I’m glad I have recovered and have a better understanding of what it feels like to be paralyzed. It sucks and I only had it slightly on half of my face.

Good to hear you are on the mend. Good luck.

Numonic said:Doing a sort of hip hop aerobics dancing and rapping along to rap songs and albums I’ve memorized to work out my body and my mouth/face.

Just curious: Any particular song work well?

I have to admit, I’m two episodes into that Nathan for You show that Trashman hyped on the TV thread. I’ve never heard of this show…but goddamned I’m laughing so hard.

Thank @Revision I can’t say that that rapping really helped at all, as I really only did it once one day to a personal favorite album of mine “Year of The Beast” by C-Rayz Walz.