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General Discussion Portable Wireless Speakers?

Anybody familiar with portable wireless speakers?

I’m looking into getting one for my nephew’s birthday in the coming weeks. Something that can hold a charge (i.e. no AC adapter required) and bluetooth capabilities. Hopefully some decent volume too. I’ve found a couple Sony and Bose options in the $100-200 range while searching on CNET and shit.. but if anyone has first-hand experience with anything like this, I’d rather get that kind of input. And if it’s available via Amazon Prime.. that’s a plus too. lol

Thanks in advance.

I absolutely love my Bose SoundLink.

$129.00 on Prime. Sounds great, it’s small, and it’s very durable. I’ve had mine for 18 months now with no issues, and I use it constantly. I’m not exactly sure how many hours the battery lasts, but it’s adequate. I wish it got a little louder, but it doesn’t ever distort the sound… It’s plenty loud… I just like my music REALLY loud :p


Awesome! I’ll look at it more when I get a chance. Thanks Pat!