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Peter Anthony Red Quintic Merch

Hey guys, first off Tone I suggest making a Quintic board just as there is a qn5 board so that we can discuss Quintic in general. Edit: totally forgot you’re working on a website for it.

Ok guys Tone made a tweet I think a week or so ago asking about what Quintic merch we would like. I think I’d really like to have The Projectionist and Down Talk physically and it looks like Fjer’s first release A New Start is sold out so I was thinking Quintic could put out a Quintic album containing all 4 Quintic releases on one CD and/or vinyl. All are about EP length so should be under 80 minutes total (if that is still a time limit for CDs), not to be greedy but if there is still room maybe put some remixes of the songs at the end (creating 5 sections to flow with the Quintic theme) but I’d be way more than happy with just the 4 releases on one release. I really think The Projectionist is too good not to have a physical release as is Down Talk and I think all 4 releases flow well together. I guess we want to give each release a chance to breathe and shine on it’s on though, especially Down Talk which just dropped but I hope eventually we can get it in physical form and maybe this collection release idea would be a good way to put it out. I do wonder if sample issues would be a problem selling The Projectionist or even to some point Down Talk.

I got a like from Tone for it so maybe he might do it, could use some of ya’ll backing this to give him the extra push maybe.

What do ya’ll think about it? And what are some Quintic merch you guys would want?

BTW Fjer is releasing new music next week.